About Me

I’m terrible at writing autobiographies, so here is what another site had to say:


Felicia Lee: A fixture in the virtual world of poker blogging, Felicia Lee is also a sharp player who is a self-described “student of the game,” sharing her poker journey with readers around the world.

Felicia Lee is a personality in the virtual poker world, primarily due to her unflagging optimism as well as her written insight into poker.

A regular player at casinos, Felicia Lee runs her own blog chronicling the ins and outs of the daily life of a poker player. Blogs such as hers are rising in popularity because they give an immediate, personal feel to those who don’t live in Las Vegas or get to spend a lot of time in casinos, rubbing elbows with big names in poker.

Felicia is no lightweight when it comes to playing, either; she is a fan of all types of poker, and that comes across in her writing. She has had some great finishes, such as 3rd place playing Omaha Hi/Lo and 2nd place playing Seven Card, both at the WPAA Championship of Poker in Las Vegas, as well as winning the River Boat Classic No Limit Hold’em Tournament.

Called the “Princes Diana of Poker Bloggers” by a fellow online writer, Felicia watches out for newcomers to the game, helping them to avoid the pitfalls along the way as they learn the game or venture into new territory. She also takes the time to put positive comments on a lot of other poker blogs, keeping the good vibes flowing.

Her blog comes highly recommended. Reading her blog might offer poker fans new insight into the game, advice on tournaments and casinos, and will certainly brighten ones day.


I’m not sure about all of that.  It is from 2005.  I think this one is more accurate, HA!

Play Poker Like The Chemos

But I do hope to offer some insight for new and serious players of the game.

And yes, I really am a total rag.


One Response to About Me

  1. Jon says:

    Hey Felicia, it’s Eye

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