Winter Ills

I promised more frequent posts, but then I relapsed into my cold again. Grrr. I think maybe there is some kind of inner ear infection maybe happening, because sometimes I get a feeling of vertigo. At any rate, I am doing very well, but can’t seem to shake this winter cold/flu/inner ear infection or whatever it is.

Someone said to me that one of the reasons I tend to pick up harassers and stalkers is out of jealousy. I guess I never really hypothesized that could be the reason since I have had more than my fair share of illness and disease. Sure, I do have a great life, no doubt, but my health has always been the pits.

At any rate, if someone is so jealous of the life I lead that it drives them to harassing me online or in person and/or stalking me, all I can say is that perhaps getting a really good job promotes success in life. Finding God also tends to bring lots of people peace and happiness.

On the poker front, remember that anyone can win a tournament or a cash game session. There is such a huge luck component in poker that bad players can and do win quite a bit. The real key is consistency over time. If you find yourself winning here and there, but without stats equaling someone who is in the top percentage of overall winners, there is a problem. Instead of bragging about fleeting results, try to study and learn how to be a long-term winner. Poker is a marathon, not a sprint.


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2 Responses to Winter Ills

  1. says:

    Hi Felicia, sorry to hear that you feel sick again. I have been having about 3 out of 4 winning cash game sessions lately which I’m happy about. A lot of 1/2 players really stink and I always look for the fish. I now have 536 more calendar days to retirement. I made money so easily in Vegas last November I have decided to move there for a while when I retire. Money is harder to make on this coast.

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