Ego Otium Honore Glenn

I am finally home and will write more about my last three trips at another time.

Right now I want to honor someone who gets little attention in this blog, due to not playing much poker anymore.

Glenn is my wonderful husband of almost 20 years. He is the glue that holds my crazy life together!

I haven’t been able to write in a few days due to being so overly exhausted and sick. The cold that I contracted on October 30th kept relapsing as I pushed myself to more and more travel. Every time I thought it was behind me, it came right back. I guess I didn’t realize just how much of a toll that 3.5 months of constant travel was having on my immune system.

Glenn and I had a great Thanksgiving. We stayed in due to both of getting over lingering colds, but had a wonderful non-traditional dinner. I thank God we live in the the USA and have many reasons to be thankful this year!

I hope everyone enjoyed Carl’s guest post. Thank you so much, Carl for the kind words and for posting when I was too ill to write. I love you, my friend.

In the future, I am going to limit the information I post about where I am headed to play poker. This is just a precaution and hopefully, eventually things will settle down so that I can continue to meet great poker players all over the country!

Since travelling all of the time eventually took its toll and I was sick as a dog, I have something new in the works with regards to poker which won’t require as much travel. More on this as it develops.

Until the next time, may God continue to bless and keep you all. Special prayer request for Israel in its time of crisis with arson-jihadists. Shalom.


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