On Vegas and Weekend Plans

In Vegas I was so sick! I tried to play through the cold, but was having a tough time, coughing and blowing my nose day after day. The cold was almost over, everything was coming up.

I tried to play through it, although it was tough. Luckily I was at the tail end, but still played badly for the most part.

In the main event I was dealt AA during the third level and raised. One caller. The flop was QTx rainbow. I bet the pot and he called. The turn brought another ten and diamond. I sensed weakness. He checked again, I bet the pot, putting me all-in. He reluctantly called. He turned over AJ for a gutshot and runner diamond draw, got there on the river and IGHN. I was 77% on the flop, so I’ll take those odds.

After saying goodbye to Van Alstyne, Glenn and I went to play cash games. Thank God for low limit O8.

We also played some at the Aria, which spreads PLO. The Aria is a great card room and imo, happy tourists are always better than grumpy locals.

I’m getting ready to play again. Unfortunately I have had to make my posts more ambiguous about my location for now. I also plan to talk with the guy from Maryland Live again. He is about 6’5″ and strong looking.

God bless, see you soon.


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