Florida PLO

Florida poker is everything I heard claimed!

I started out playing 6/12 FK and later switched to 5/5 PLO. The games here are absolutely phenomenal and the players are extremely friendly.

I will update the rest of the Vegas trip when I get some time.


Thank you to the great VanAlstyne for dinner and the sweat! It was so good seeing you again.


My cold is almost gone again. Wow, what a relapse. I felt really horrible in Vegas, played even worse! Fortunately, I won almost all of my cash game sessions, sticking to low limit rote O8 exclusively, except for a couple of small PLO sessions. It’s such a gimme that I can play while ill.

Glenn was down for the trip, but I kept us almost even.

When I first sat in the poker room tonight, one of the chip runners came to me and said that someone wanted to talk to me. He was someone I knew from Maryland Live who just wanted to formally meet. It’s so nice to see a familiar, friendly face. He is also a PLO player.

Until next time, signing off!

(Due to recent direct threats, I am editing my past posts as a safety measure)


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