Florida PLO

Florida poker is everything I heard claimed!


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  1. Carl Frommer says:

    Enjoyed the post. You are dead on with your points, Felicia.

    For your followers, I would like to add a few thoughts:

    We all know the old saying, if you are having fun, you probably not playing right. Playing winning poker takes tremendous mental focus and energy along with emotional discipline. Not even the best of the best can maintain their A game to perfection all the time, but the more you slip from maintaining your focus and composure the more you chip away at positive expectation. A day’s or month’s results means nothing as much as how well you played all around win or lose over any given period of time. On any given day, measure and contemplate your play objectively, not your chips. Results will sort themselves out over the long term based on the net aggregate of positive and negative winning or losing expectations in you exact in your play as well as the meta factors of emotional control and professional/disciplined behavior.

    I for one, felt sick to my stomach going home on days with a fat win knowing I played like a donk. Expectation is a game theory term every poker player should understand inside and out. If you do, you may be able to develop the emotional maturity to feel (almost) as good over losing big on days your played brilliantly when you grasp the concept that that you actually made money win or lose on any play or volume of play your game delivered positive expectation.

    Suppose you took a bet on three fair coin flips being laid $200 to $100 odds and you lose all three tosses. If you don’t celebrate you actually won $300 in your lifetime of expectation taking rather than passing on the example bet then you need to study probability, variance, and expectation theory. Lots to be found on the subject online specific to poker. The more you grasp this fact of math and nature the better you will be ale to control emotions and stay on your A game when suffering bad beats.



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