Plugging Holes/Maryland Live Weekend

Having not played poker for almost nine years, I find myself with holes that I had completely plugged previously but cannot control anymore.

One of my biggest problems is hiding my expression from fish. I used to be so good at that, commiserating and straight out lying in order to keep the fish swimming. Now I find myself giggling at times uncontrolled (mostly when I’m super tired) or at best putting my hand over my mouth. I know my expression must give me away. This doesn’t happen day in, day out, but even once is too much. I need to learn how to hide my reactions to the outrageous things they say and do.

There is a local woman who is one of the worst players I’ve ever encountered. She says and does the craziest things. Ten years ago I would have played her like a fiddle. Not anymore. I have given myself away to her time and again because I’m not used to hiding the truth from fish after a super long hiatus from poker.

Instead of making a poker ‘friend’ out of her (someone who is friendly and happy at the table playing against you, while sometimes not betting the nuts because you commiserate with them and they don’t want to ‘take your chips’), she hates me and used to target me as much as possible. That is a huge mistake on my part.

I used to be so great at this type of thing. It was one of my biggest strengths in poker. Now I am just a sad sack of transparency at times. I will work on it.

Saturday and Sunday were very good days for me. I did well at 2/2 PLO and made back some of my losses. Finally my hands started standing up and some of my great draws actually came through. I had previously been on a streak of losing all of my chips with double suited aces that I potted and then got all-in with when flopping monsters or monster draws. The worm turned on that one.

Later on Saturday we got the Big O8 game going and I played well there, too, remembering my horrific play on Friday night and forcing myself to call more hands pre-flop. For a while I couldn’t win with any A2, A23, A34 type combo, but eventually things started evening out mathematically. Although some of the other players won a lot more than me, I doubled up a couple of times playing a more conservative style than theirs. I also didn’t bust, which some of them did, multiple times. I am going to work on a more aggressive style, while opening up even further on my starting hands. Even adding one or two percent of the top 30% of hands will probably profit me in the long run at this game. And flopping the nuts or nut draws with 5-cards is essential, so I have my LO8 background to keep me completely rational on that front! If the 2-5th nuts are typically no good in LO8, they are exponentially worse with a 5-card hand!

On Sunday I knew I had little time. I mostly just played 2/2 PLO. Although I did take a long break for brunch with someone I am trying to evaluate as a possible travel partner, mostly I stuck with PLO and once again did very well, recouping some of my lost money from earlier in the week. Finally about 5:30pm I decided to pack it up and race home to be with Glenn for my birthday.

And now we reach the end of my trip, right before heading out for another. Hopefully things will go well in Vegas, Tampa and on the poker cruise. It may be quite a while before I can update this blog. Until the next time, God bless all of you!


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