What a Difference Six Months Makes!

Well, I finally caught a bad cold. I believe it’s my first in over a year, so that is a huge testament about how my health has vastly improved.

I ended up spending my birthday and the next two days in bed! The good news is that I seem to be getting over it very quickly. It was one of those crippling colds that just so happens to pass in a few days rather than lingering on for weeks. Bonus points.

So my posts have been rather dull, but that is fine. I could have made them sound as exciting as the play actually was, but instead they are more bare boned. Not every post has to sound like the final game of the world series, even though in my head I am having a great time (win or lose) and unbelievably blessed to be back on the circuit.

The next month is really going to be filled with poker. Glenn and I are flying to Vegas on Saturday morning for five days. Then I am flying directly to Florida for the next ten days. I have been trying to figure out how to handle my laundry, but have decided that the best thing to do is wash everything while I’m in Florida before the poker cruise.

I keep losing things here and there. I guess that is to be expected since I’m travelling so much. I must be leaving this and that in hotel rooms. A missing pair of socks, a tee-shirt. Nothing absolutely essential. This past trip I made sure to check the hotel room thoroughly before checking out. I thought I had before, but I must have been wrong, because there are a few things that are simply gone.

It is odd the friends I have now compared to just six months ago. I had forgotten what a strong person I am. I would never put up with things today that I felt I almost deserved earlier this year. Just looking over old texts, e-mails, etc compared to more recent things it is astounding to me the amount of crap I tolerated. Some examples:

  • “You are a little boy who sometimes likes to cross dress.”
  • “You have recovered so well, you could literally be a 50-year old model.” (No, I’m not going to LOL too much about this one. I already laughed when I first heard it)
  • “Good job, but you still suck at Hold’em.”
  • “You are a winning player who will succeed at whatever you set your mind to conquering.”
  • “I must be a masochist to have a coach like you.”
  • “Anyone would be lucky to have you as their coach.”
  • “You should not write down your opinions in your poker blog. Journals are not for personal opinions.” (Yes, someone actually said this!)
  • “You write in an engaging style. Please continue as before.”

So yeah, that happened. What a difference six months can make.

Amateur players are always asking me if they have what it takes to win at real poker. They also want to know why I am constantly saying things about the free league being the softest competition I’ve ever known. So I guess I’ll clarify what I think it would take for an amateur player to become a winning cash game and/or tournament player.

Assuming you are saturating the league (6+ tourneys a week):

  1. If you’re not winning a free tournament at least once every other week, you probably need to go back to the drawing board.
  2. If you aren’t consistently in the top three, you do not have what it takes
  3. If you aren’t in the 1% nationwide you either are playing a high-variance game which might have some value in the real world or you aren’t a winning player
  4. If you feel you want to play against ‘real players’ and not ‘all of these fish’ then you will never win at poker, because this is as easy as it gets

Poker was never so easy for me as it was in the lammer league. I didn’t even try, folks! I just mostly coasted along, playing a cautious, avoidance of risk-of-ruin, sub-optimal strategy for the most part. I literally sat around and waited for nut hands, while trying to get all of their chips when I had the best of it. It was like playing with children.

I’m sorry to say so bluntly, but if you can’t beat the softest tournaments in the world, you don’t stand a chance in the real poker world. These were literally the worst players I’ve ever encountered and it was a total blessing to experience this soft field after not playing for almost nine years. But it is what it is; it’s an amateur league and if you can’t beat them, there is no way you can survive playing for money.

I’m going to try to finish my latest ML trip report before we leave for Vegas. If the cold re-surges, I might not get to it. That would be a bummer, though, because Saturday and Sunday were great days for me!


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One Response to What a Difference Six Months Makes!

  1. frommerc says:

    Enjoyed the post as well as the ones that follow as I catch up.

    I trust your voice will recover soon enough. Enjoy Vegas and the hunt my dear friend.


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