Second Foray into Big PLO8

Friday was another horrible day for me. This time I at least managed to play PLO well. I still went bust a couple of times, but I think for the entire day I was only about $200 down, which is not much in this crazy game. I am still not doing that well and although I can blame part of it on variance, I am also slow in adjusting to the new PLO.

Perusing through my PLO book the second time, I can see two mistakes I’m making glaring out. One is that the book was written ten years ago and is based on the assumption that an average of three players see the flop. His scenarios are mostly that someone pots pre and three players see every flop. In the current state of PLO (at least on the east coast), it is typically that someone straddles for $5, several people call the straddle. Someone raises and at least five see every flop. So when one flops a pretty huge hand, like top set or second nut straight (when the nut straight isn’t probable), the chances of being outdrawn by the river are exponentially higher with four opponents versus only two left in the hand. At this point I need more AND hands.

The second big difference and mistake I’ve already corrected is that he suggests no more than 10% of EP/MP hands and 20% of button/blind hands. This is way too tight, even for me, your resident rock.

On Friday night we were able to get a Big PLO8 game going. This was my second time playing this game live. This time I didn’t play nearly as well. I was too tight by far. I should have been up $1500, instead I was down $250. But at least I could see my glaring mistakes almost immediately and didn’t repeat them on Saturday.

In Big O8, we get five cards instead of four. The play is similar to PLO in that someone typically straddles to 5, then someone else pots pre. Even for the $5 I was playing too tightly. Odds, odds, odds sister!

I didn’t play a very long session. A friend and I had gone out to dinner and I just wasn’t playing that well, knew it, so decided to make an early night of the whole thing and come back with a new attitude on Saturday.

God bless.


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