$200 OE Down the Drain!

I got some decent sleep on Tuesday night. I expected it to be a lot better due to staying up for 37 hours, but in the end it just turned out okay.

I only played a few hands of PLO before the OE tournament. Nothing happened.

There was a guy to my left at my tournament table who was from Croatia. So naturally I had to tell him all about Marina, my friend from Croatia. He loved to play every hand. I think the entire time I was in the tournament he folded THREE hands on the opening round!

As the blinds/antes started rising, some of the short stacks found themselves going all-in. Suddenly the guy from Croatia said what sounded like: “Front Office.” Two of the players at our table were from Iran. One of them asked: “Did you just say ‘front office?'” Well, it sounded like Front Office, the way the guy from Croatia said it, anyway.

So it turns out that in Farsi he was saying: “Goodbye.” After that, everyone who was on a short stack or going all-in started saying “Front Office.” I kept that joke continuing for the rest of my trip.

Speaking about going Front Office…I misread a hand during the O8 round and crippled myself versus the Croatian guy. Oof, that is the first time I’ve done that this horribly since returning to poker. So, needless to say, I was out of the tourney well outside of the money. Doh!

I ended up playing mostly 2/2 PLO for the rest of the day. Per normal I was up and down. I think at one point I was up about $200, then lost maybe $600. At the end of the whole thing I believe I was up a whopping $30 for the day. Yippee!

Thursday turned out to the be worst day in this trip for me. Part of it was my own fault. PLO is played so strongly pre-flop these days. I tend to try to trap players into making huge mistakes post-flop while disguising the strength of my hand pre. That is mostly a big mistake. Instead of trimming the competition with pot-sized bets and raises pre-flop I let too many people see a cheaper flop than they should, hence I get outdrawn way more often than most of the hyper-aggressive players who know what they are doing.

Thursday was a real wake up call for me. I really need to stop doing that and played better the rest of the trip. I think I got all-in three times post-flop with the mortal nuts and got outdrawn all three times! But the blame is on me. I let too many people with drawing hands get a cheaper look. Schooling says that someone is likely to outdraw me with that many people seeing a flop. Instead of raising the straddle, or potting the first raise pre, a lot of times I tried to be sneaky and just flop something big with a great pre-flop hand that should have been raised raised raised until maybe only half the table was seeing the flop instead of 7-9 of us.

I ended Thursday about $600 down!


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