48th Birthday

I rushed home last night in order to be with Glenn for my 48th birthday. We will only be in the state for five days before flying out to Las Vegas. So I wanted to spend as much time at home as possible until the next three trips, which will take up most of the month!

On Monday I spent the day with Carl and Traci. We had a really wonderful visit. A couple of times I had to drive their rental car, since I am so great at directions ;)

Glenn joined us Monday night for a different dinner. I’m not sure any of us will ever go there again, but it was certainly interesting and for the most part the food was good. My favorite was actually the San Pellegrino in blood orange flavor. Wow! I wish they sold this at grocery stores.

After a couple of hours playing OFC/p and lingering over lattes, we finally broke up the party (around 11pm). Glenn went home, Carl, Traci and I went back to their hotel and eventually I left for Maryland.

This was my fourth trip to ML, and the fourth hotel. I stayed at Comfort Inn and it was the quietest of all four hotels! I think I’ll stay there again as long as the rate stays so low. It is also the furthest from ML, so that is a factor, but not a huge one as it never took me more than 15 minutes, even during some minor traffic.

When I arrived in the cardroom, it was very early morning. Yes, I drove straight through and then decided to test myself. I have been doing this more and more lately. I want to see just how far I can push myself. Can I play for 17 hours? Can I play NLHE? Can I play Stud? Mixed games? And this time the ultimate: Can I stay up for 30+ hours straight?

Well, I not only made it, but after dropping almost a grand, I still found myself up about $1200. Of course the game dictated the ability to do this!

I got sat in a 2/2 PLO game where there was a woman, a fish who had about 10k (max buy-in at this table is $500). She said she’d been there 22 hours straight and seemed overly tired. The next time I played against her, she looked the same, so maybe she always has the overly tired look. I can totally empathize!

My face is completely transparent and shows the slightest amount of stress.

The woman busted me early. She also took chips from me several times when I probably had the best of it when I folded, but had a vulnerable hand. That is the thing with PLO. You can be super ahead on any given street and super behind on the next one. The variance is so outstanding that sometimes it’s like a roller coaster. I am busted, busted, up to $600, down to $200, up to 1k, busted. And sometimes all of these take place in the course of one measly hour!!!

I sat next to a guy who was running horribly. He was a great guy. A former FT pro who now plays and also does flips in the DC area. I tried to turn him on to 2+2, plus we traded e-mail addresses, so hopefully we will keep in touch. Hi Andrew!

When I finally got so tired that I couldn’t play properly, I was sitting at about $850. The woman had busted down to 3k. Eventually her hands stopped winning. From her early straight flush against me it went all downhill from there. I later heard that she lost it all, went to the bank and got 2k more then proceeded to lose that, too. Some people love to play every hand, and play them hard. They have to realize that the variance of playing that way is going to be even higher than the already huge swings. But sometimes people are addicted to action. So PLO feeds into that and they get caught up in the moment.

I really like PLO. Typically I’m the only person who ever folds a hand pre-flop. Action junkies cream over that game. Their hand selection is basically every hand. It also plays a lot bigger than 2/2. Almost every hand is straddled and 90% are raised pre-flop. So calling it a 2/2 game is kind of a misnomer.

(Day Two coming soon!)


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3 Responses to 48th Birthday

  1. Jerome says:

    Can’t wait for part two!

  2. Carl Frommer says:

    Happy Birthday my dear friend, Felicia. So great to see you. After all these years it seemed as if no time had passed. It was good for the soul, felt good. Very cool that Traci, you and Glenn finally got to meet. Traci thinks you guys are The Goat and quickly grew fond of you both.

  3. Felicia Lee says:

    Thank you! Love always.

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