In the Trenches

(Felicia asked that I (Glenn) guest post to keep readers up to date.)

Felicia is currently deep in the trenches in PLO, and various other games, in her attempt to build a bank roll. She did do a couple tournaments as well, however her down streak is still in effect there; for example, getting taken out with 97o vs. her AA!

Lately, however, most of her play has been in the topsy turvy game of Pot Limit Omaha. While most of her play has been tight, she’s feeling like she needs to loosen up more. Some of her solid hand (nuts on the flop) keep getting outdrawn by drawing hands. She did once have a flopped full house beaten by straight flush. Things like that are going to happen, I know all too well. There is nothing that you can do about that. That’s poker. However, playing more hands, seeing more flops. It’s possible that can help. Personally, I think it will up the variance. For someone that’s trying to build a bankroll, I’ve called this into question. She’s really taken a liking to the game and talks about how she sees others get up to 10k. But we’re talking about fish getting lucky. In fact in one instance the person who had 10k, not only lost it all, but went to the bank, got another 2k and lost all that as well! Sounds like they’re just calling everything.

In all of this craziness, is she similarly crazy up or down? No! She’s maybe down 30 bucks or something from what she last told me. However, it’s amazing with all the ups and downs she’s gone through. It’s like waiting for a certain investment to finally pay off. Poker can be that way. It appears to be more so for Omaha. Personally, I think it’s due to the hand values being relatively close in value preflop. Makes it more luck based. Like any poker game, however, taking advantage of others bad play post flop is where you  make your money. And believe me, she’s trying! Pot betting with the current nuts. Sometimes it holds, sometimes it doesn’t.

For Felicia, it’s definitely war in those trenches!


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