Coaching Qualifications

Because I am getting such overwhelming requests for coaching, I decided to type up a quick clarification before leaving the state today.

I am through being kind and generous when it comes to coaching. If you are picked, you are either going to do as I say, or you are going to find another coach. I am sick and tired of hearing these worn-out excuses and lies when I am the one providing the virtually free training.

I am down to one NC student, someone who wishes to go pro. I doubt I will EVER take anymore amateur students from North Carolina or the lammer league. It is way more trouble than it is worth. I do have a couple of pros or aspiring pros from up north, but they are part-time students and a lot of it centers around mentor-ship. They absolutely know the poker scene and we have no issues. Here are some things to consider if you want coaching:

  • Subscribe to my blog or I will never consider coaching you (at least you’ll know where I am in the world without endless calling/texting to find out what is up with me)
  • Replies to e-mails/articles are a must. I don’t want to hear whiny excuses about how you are unable to type or have no response to the excellent information I am sending you
  • Stop assuming I want to sleep with you. I don’t. This is a business relationship
  • If you aren’t interested in playing professionally, look for another coach
  • If you haven’t accepted by now the huge luck factor and variance in poker, you need to come to terms with that BEFORE asking for my help
  • I am generally not going to back anyone. If I feel someone has the skill to become a world-class player I may back him on my own terms. I have only done this with ONE student, and it ended in failure (local hero, not world-class material)
  • If you find some overwhelming need to constantly lie to me (sometimes about things that don’t even matter!) the relationship is over, if it ever began in the first place

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