A Time for Carl

I was so happy to hear that Carl was going to be in North Carolina this October. Even better, his wife (whom I’d never met) was going to be with him!

Since Carl stopped playing poker and I was too sick to play, we haven’t seen each other. It is amazing to believe that such a great friendship could exist when we haven’t been together live in over ten years!

I had to drive to Raleigh early due to morning rush hour. I knew that the normally 45 minute drive was going to take a lot longer. Although I still managed to get to the restaurant a little bit early, Carl and Traci were late. You know how men are when they refuse to use the GPS and take the wrong directions? Yeah, kind of like me ;)

But then everyone knows I’m a hawk-eye and always know where I’m going. I am the king of directions!

Okay, back to all seriousness.

It was great seeing Carl again and getting to meet Traci. I had forgotten what it is like to be around people who actually like me. Most of the world hates me (and for a decent reason, I’m not denying it). But Carl has always had a blind spot when it comes to my over-the-top behavior. Which only encourages me to be even more outre than I should ever be. What a catch-22, huh?

Oddly, we think so much alike that it is easy to agree on almost every subject. Carl knows what it is like to live as an outcast at times, so he understands me more than the average human. The one thing that we differ on is that I try to be open about things I don’t agree with him about, whereas he refuses to bicker with me. He claims he has always been my champion and can’t change now. Oof.

Then again, after arguing constantly for six months with some people that I have a ton in common with, maybe this isn’t so bad after all.

We had breakfast, along with some awesome latte. Then we talked about where we would have lunch. In the end we went along with the recommendation of the couple they were staying with and found a new Colombian favorite.

Both Carl and I speak Spanish, so we got to talk to the owner and switch over off and on for a little fun. Carl was actually born in Spain.

In the end we spent about five hours together, yet it didn’t seem like enough. So they decided to come back to Raleigh a day early so we could spend some more time together before they fly home on Tuesday.

That made my decision to go back to Maryland Live early, too! I had been waffling about whether to go on Tuesday/early Wednesday or Monday. Since it is on the way and will put me an hour on my drive, I’m headed out.

When I get home and do my next ML trip report, I’ll also speak more about my friendship with Carl and the time we spent together.

God bless you on our Sabbath!


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