No Sweating Allowed!

One of the most awesome things that has ever happened to me in the poker world just occurred! I am unbelievably thrilled.

I have mostly given up on coaching fledgling players in the free league. Some of them are great or have the potential to be great. Others are decent and maybe have the ability to make real money. But for the most part they are the worst players I have ever seen. They make 1/2 NLHE fish seem like world class players.

Anyway, there is one guy who has been asking for coaching for a long time. He has been so busy (even more than me) that he put it off until December, but has gotten disheartened lately and decided to ask me again to coach him. Since he has the potential to succeed, I wanted to give him a shot.

He reads, he studies, he runs out practice hands. He is no slouch and I knew I wasn’t going to get into a situation that I was trying to avoid (unwinnable players, players who argue constantly, players who take out bad runs on me, abusive players).

So anyway, I agreed to coach him for a few hours and then sweat him tonight in the lammer league. Things were going well and he was excited. Then suddenly I was told that I wouldn’t be able to sweat him because sweating is coaching and I’m obviously texting to players that I’m sweating in order to make them win.

Now, to any person who knows the first thing about poker, obviously sweating and coaching are two totally different things. I would never coach a player during a game. And as far as note taking, well, those are my private notes so that I have things to discuss the next time I work with one of my pupils. I am definitely not texting the student during a tournament!

I tried to explain to the clueless TD that sweating and coaching during hands are not the same thing, but they don’t know the first thing about poker, so they can’t understand the difference. Poker players have sweaters all the time. No real coach would ever stoop to cheating.

But the reason I feel so great about the whole thing is because I am seen as such a great player that whenever I coach others their results skyrocket. Hence, I am not allowed to sweat anymore! It’s a personal thing. I have seen a ton of people sweating others, so it is totally me. How cool is that???

In this free league they mostly see poker as a luck game, and not only myself, but the people I’ve coached have done so remarkably well and improved their overall statistics that they feel somehow I must be cheating in order for them to win ‘more than their fair share.’

What an awesome compliment! I haven’t felt this good since someone told me, back in the pre-cancer days that I looked just like Phil Ivey.

Wow. I am grinning ear to ear.


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