Mardi Gras or Maryland Live

I think I have decided where I want to go next week. I have been tossing up whether to go the short haul to MG, or drive the extra two hours for juicier game at ML. This made up my mind:

$200 OE Tournament

The games are just too good at ML to ignore. They also have a HH promotion every 20 minutes for $500. While I am not one to play for promos, they certainly do make the games good. I would also like to play some Big PLO8 and PLO again. MG doesn’t typically have these games running regularly.

This week I am trying to relax as much as possible. I think my body is on permanent GO mode, so natch I want to be playing. I am forcing myself to take a few days off.

Like I said yesterday, coaching is never easy. I think I found a hole in one of my coaching failures. I was too easy on someone for whom I had much empathy (shared pain). I remember once he even asked me if it was true that I’d never put up with the type of BS he dishes out from another student. The honest answer was and is: HECK no!

I probably did him a big disservice by trying to be way too understanding.

Remembering back to my earlier poker days. One WCP I’ve been close with for almost fifteen years has never really helped my game at all. While someone who absolutely hates me, Barry Greenstein, taught me more in six months than the other guy. I will try to remember this in the future. No more sympathizing or empathizing with students. If I truly want them to become world class players, I have to be as hard on them as Barry was on me.

This autumn is going to be really busy for me. Since I have to go to Florida twice, I think I have decided on renting a place down there. It was at a toss-up between Florida and Maryland. Both seem to have great games. But in the end, I absolutely HAVE to be in Florida twice in the next six weeks, plus the weather will be much nicer to ride out the winter. I hope I can either find a travel partner before I leave, or pick up one while I’m there.

Here we are on a Tuesday afternoon. ML has many cash games. Most of them NLHE, natch. But besides that: 2/2 PLO, 4/8 LHE and a waiting list for: 4/8 O8 and 2/2 Big PLO8.

Pompano Park has: 4/8 O8 h/k, 2/4 LHE and lists for: 2/2 LHE h/k, 6/12 OE in addition to the multiple NLHE games.

HR Tampa has: 2/4 LHE with lists for: 3/6 O8 and 5/5 PLO.

While ML still wins out on the cash game front, FL poker rooms definitely have some great overlays in their tourneys. Low buy-ins, big guarantees. Some completely rake-free.



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