More Coaching Woes-Potential Travel Partners

Coaching is never going to be easy. I either have students who want to argue with me constantly (???) or unteachable students who are the greatest people in the world but could never learn how to play poker.

I also seem to attract students who want to take advantage of me and/or abuse me. Yes, to be frank I guess my personality attracts that sort of thing. I am unbelievably candid. So the student gets the false impression that I will likewise accept their unsolicited over-the-top abusive comments. Cuz, after all, Felicia is the queen of mean, right? She can dish it out, she can take it?

Well, I may be blunt to a fault, but I don’t go around looking to be abusive for absolutely no reason. I truly want to help people. I will bend over backwards to do everything I can to turn their lives around and/or mold them into successful poker players. Sometimes when they run bad, everything is my fault and I’m the witch they can take their frustration out on. When they fling one too many abusive, hurtful cut-downs things are typically over and out. Good luck in the future.

I also have students who don’t seem to want to put in the time or effort. They claim that they want to be winning poker players, but just don’t want to work for it. Maybe I’ll see them further down the road.

Then I have someone who is absolutely perfect and wants to learn everything possible about poker. Ah, the joys of being a coach and being coached. If I can just get my Stud coach to help me out more often, I’ll be in poker heaven :)

Now moving onto traveling partners. Well, this one could take some time. I don’t want to settle again. No one is probably going to be as accommodating as Glenn, but maybe eventually I’ll find someone who will motivate me to always play better. I have had both experiences. One is super loving, supportive and accommodating, but doesn’t motivate me at all. Another motivated me greatly and we had a wonderful rapport, but was hurtful and didn’t work out for many reasons.

I met an older man at Maryland Live whom I feel would make a good partner to some extent. I don’t know enough about him yet, but so far I like what I see. There are a few hurdles. One, he can’t play his way out of a wet paper bag. So I’d probably have to teach him to at least win at the lowest levels, because I am not going to bankroll him just so he can travel with me. Two, he has something personal going on right now which would prevent him from traveling full-time. This is not something that would plague us the rest of our relationship, but it definitely needs to be resolved before he can even think about going on the road.

As far as players who are coaching me. That isn’t going well either. I keep finding WCP who just don’t have time. I had this problem before. Wonderful players, but they are on the road and playing so much that we can’t seem to get together. Ah, well. Maybe I can see what 2+2 is offering.

As far as my next trip, well there is something I have to do this week. A former WCP is coming to NC and we haven’t seen each other in a long time. Although he doesn’t play poker anymore, we have remained close and I can’t wait to see him again.

After that, I might just head up to Mardi Gras or Maryland Live for a few days before the Vegas trip on November 5th.



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