Poker Post-Mortem

So I finally crashed after 15 days straight of either travelling or playing. I slept almost twelve hours straight! That is a lifetime for this insomniac.

Since I was so exhausted, I might have to go over the past few posts and make sure I didn’t make any huge errors.

Going forward in poker, I realize the need to adjust my play. Things have changed in the past nine years. Sure, there aren’t as many fish per table, but the bad players are still really BAD. There are typically one or two other decent players besides me. No one is usually good, but I do have one here and there at my table, which I need to be more aware of playing against.

In LHE pat hands go way down in value, while drawing hands go way up. I can win a huge pot with 32s which makes a flush, while losing a ton on AA. At ML I had aces, raised, got 641 callers, flop, turn and river were trash, of course the woman with 95o who stayed with me the whole way rivered a gut-shot. That is the way they play, and what makes the games so good.

O8 is definitely a gimme at low stakes. Three fish will be drawing at the 2nd-5th nut low, while we hold A2. They will call with a straight, when we have a flush, etc. It’s not susceptible to schooling, so the only real adjustment I need to make with regards to LLO8, is maybe being a little more aggressive pre-flop and when there are enough fish who will go all the way to the river post with 2-5 and beyond nut hands. That seems to be the more common way to play among good players these days, rather than the push & pull.

PLO has high variance and is something I just need to keep studying and learning while I play. I make some mistakes here and there, but I’m playing much more closely to correct than before I started studying the game this summer/early autumn. The players tend to be ultra-hyper aggressive, which makes for big pots and frequent all-ins. Sometimes we just have to roll the dice, and it is totally against everything in my nature to do this. At DP I saw a guy go all-in with 2467 !!! This isn’t an 8/b game, but PLO high only.

I do really enjoy the 2/2 Big PLO8 as well. While there aren’t any books to study for this one, I think I can figure it out all on my own, because I tend to be very conservative and cautious playing regular O8 and the hands are even bigger in Big O8, so that caution tends to serve me well.

Stud games are a work in progress. I cannot force my brain to memorize every card faster than my intelligence will allow. I am hitting that age where I need to find another edge. Between getting old and chemo/pancreatitis drugs, I don’t know if I will ever be competitive at anything other than the lower limit Stud games in the future.

And now, the elephant in the room. I obviously have some talent for tournaments, as much as I don’t want to admit it. I have played a dozen tourneys and been ITM/FT/chopped seven of them. I guess the lower buy-in events are more for my playing level. I keep telling everyone just how much I suck at NLHE and tourneys, but for low buy-ins, I have some kind of affinity for getting in the money. I guess I’ll have to rethink my plans not to enter tourneys in the $25-150 range. So much for dropping them altogether. Back to the drawing board on that one.

Next up: potential partners and updates on coaching


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