I have found a niche in coaching that I truly love. Not only coaching players, but others coaching me!

I have two WCP coaches right now, but neither one of them has much time for me! I don’t understand this, since I’m obviously the most important person in the universe and they should lavish their attention solely on me (um, this is a joke).

I have taken on two new students in NC. One has a little experience and didn’t seem very receptive when I approached him. But I think maybe he has come to realize the importance of being coached and mentored, so we’ll see how this one pans out.

The other is a total greenie, which I might love even more. First of all, I’m not that good. Second, he will not come into the coaching with a preconceived notion of how he is supposed to play, nor will he automatically assume there isn’t much I can do for him. He seems totally open, receptive and happy that I’m going to teach him how to play poker.

My two A-students from last go-round aren’t doing much anymore. One of them just has too many work and personal commitments. It sucks, because he had such potential, but simply doesn’t have the time to play real poker.

I have also picked up someone from Maryland. He is an O8 player, but has a completely different approach to O8 from mine, so I feel I can learn something from him. Games are always changing, always evolving, and there is something to be said for a more loose/aggro approach to LO8 rather than the push & pull. In exchange, he wants me to teach him Stud. So we’ll see where that leads. In general, I like the players at ML better than any place I’ve played so far since getting back into FT poker.

There are a couple of players there who either want coaching, are willing to coach me, or are open to a mutual mentor-ship. One thing I have to be very careful about is getting into abusive relationships. Somehow, because I am so blunt, candid and an open book, certain people feel free to be very abusive–thinking that I don’t know the difference between ribbing and a completely over-the-top horrendous statement meant only to inflict as much pain as possible. I won’t tolerate it. Now, if I’m asking how I played a certain hand/tourney/cash game and want to be told as honestly as possible how much I screwed up, it is one thing, but for someone to come up to me unsolicited and be abusive is something different.

Last week one player literally told me that I was no better than a well trained dog when it came to poker. Yeah, I don’t think that relationship is going to work. While I appreciate his candor, he isn’t good enough to really be making those assertions towards me, nor is he completely correct (yes, he is somewhat correct. I do tend to suck at many aspects of poker: tourneys, NLHE cash games, TD).

Another problem I’m having lately is having random people accuse me of all kinds of horrible behavior. They either assume I want to sleep with THEM, or they believe somehow that I want to sleep with other poker players. Relationships in the poker world are complicated. We tend to spend a lot of intimate time together, but that typically doesn’t mean a thing.

For those petty little gossips, I normally wouldn’t even bother to address this issue at all, but unfortunately, even a few real poker players have gotten a false impression, so here goes:

  • Some of these men could be my father. Some could be my son. I’m not interested in anything but poker
  • I am old and not interested in having a stable full of studs
  • I am married and a born-again Christian who doesn’t believe in premarital sex, much less adultery
  • I have only been interested in one poker player–ever
  • I have only been in love once in my life

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