And Then You are the Bug

So if the last trip I couldn’t lose, well, this one I couldn’t win much.

The pain started almost right away. I drove up to Delaware Park to meet another player who wanted to play in the MAPC. In hindsight this may not have been the best decision I made, but not because the games weren’t good. In fact, they were TOO good. So in that respect, I was +EV. I’m just being a nitty armchair quarterback ;)

I sat in a really loose 1/2 PLO game with $500 and doubled up almost right away. 77xx raised my AAxx, I re-raised. We both flopped a set and got it all in.

Later a very loose, horrible player saw a raised flop with nine-high. I flopped sixes full of nines. We traded bets and raises until we were all-in by the turn. He hit his three kicker on the river and had me covered for almost 1k.

I think he knew he was a terrible player, because he racked up not long afterwards and never returned during the four days I was there. The other players told me he always loses and probably wanted to get out of there before he lost it all back again.

That would be the hallmark of my entire trip, save a few precious sessions!

My run-bad became so absurd that I eventually just chuckled at the horrendous beats and kept playing as well as possible.

If I flopped a set, the board never paired and someone rivered a straight/flush. If I flopped a straight, someone rivered a flush. If I flopped a flush, someone rivered a FH. If I flopped QUADS, someone rivered a straight flush to the king! I lost all of my chips hand after hand.

I tried to switch things up by playing O8, LHE even tourneys. But for the most part I was just running bad. Glad I got it out the way so quickly in returning to the poker world. I had forgotten just how weird and awkward it feels to be beaten so horribly no matter how good I get it in.

I tried a low buy-in event at DP. Everything was going superbly when I got JJ and 66 decided to call. The flop was an over-card to his pair. He still called. The turn was another over-card to his pair. We got it all-in and he rivered a set. IGHN, not even two hours in!

I heard about a juicy OE game up in Philly at Parx so I drove up there with another player. Yes, the game was outstanding. We had three tables going at once! The time charge was the best I’ve ever seen ($4/HH). Most of the players were regs and there were a few problems, but overall, I think it is an awesome game and I wouldn’t mind playing regularly. I also heard they get other mixed games, including a local favorite, Super Stud.

My run continued day after day until I tried another low buy-in event. Yes, I still got some horrific beats, but had so many chips that I was able to make the final table.

I did something at the FT which none of the low limit tourney players understood. I find this is becoming the case more and more with me. Since I was playing higher buy-in events when I stopped playing poker, I still make certain moves that are much more advanced than my current competition understands. The looks I get are typically hilarious because they have no idea what I am trying to achieve.

One player got severely short stacked down to about 5 antes. I was the second short stack even after doubling up early on. I had a couple of hands I would normally push with, but decided to fold to all-in raises, due to the fact that even if I doubled up again, my expectation was virtually nil, while the jump in prize money from 7th to 6th was a better bet for me. So that is what I did. It isn’t rocket science, but most players at that level do not understand gaming theory in the least. So I made a huge joke out of it, because I never want them to know where I am coming from.

I also played in a way that either guaranteed a double up, or elimination. That wasn’t an advanced play, BTW, but I was simply disgusted with the attitude of most of the players in Delaware. I kept telling them there must be something in the water in their state that makes them some of the grumpiest players I’ve come across. I had to put up with a little of that for months earlier this year during my lammer play. I’m not going to pay for the privilege of playing against people so mean and rude, when I can clearly drive an hour here or there to play against happy fish instead.

I remember making a table change once at DP. I told the grumps that I didn’t want to play with them. So when I moved tables I was happier that at least a couple of the locals were friendly. When a grump moved to my old table, one of the friendlies said he was going to be sure to tell the other table what I said about their behavior. I told him, “Heck, I told THEM how I felt. I’m not trying to hide anything. There is something in the water here that makes people from this region absolutely miserable!”

Eventually, I had enough of frigging Delaware and decided to go back to Maryland Live.


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