The Borgata and Future Plans

The games were so good at The Borgata that I wanted to move right in. I wonder if they sell condos in the hotel/casino itself?  ;)

In hindsight, I probably should have waited until closer to the weekend. First because the HORSE tourney was on Thursday. Also, because the mixed game players didn’t start showing up until later in the week. I could play mixed games, Stud games or O8 exclusively and never miss Hold’em a day in my life.

I did manage to play lots of limit HE, which I much prefer to NLHE. I encourage this, mostly because of the 15 minute high hand promotion for $250. It is much easier to hit in LHE. I pulled a shaky high hand out of my butt with TTTAA.

I stupidly played a couple of tourneys. One was at Harrah’s for $55, the other was for $460 at Borgata. The Harrah’s one was understandable, but there really is no excuse for Borgata. I can no longer compete in Stud tournament games. Plus I had not eaten that day, wasn’t feeling my best and was weak. I played so horribly that even other horrible players were commenting on my bad performance. From now on I’ll monitor my tournament selections more carefully. I’m sure I’ll still play in them here and there, but for low buy-ins and only when I’m 100%.

Having said all of that, I had to win at cash games in order to make up the deficit from the tourney losses. This is a terrible pattern I’ve developed over the years and I seem to have fallen right back into it! I did well enough to make up most of the losses, but why put this burden on myself??? I did not make the same mistake at Maryland Live.

While I am home this week and had initially planned to stay put for while, now I want to hop back up to ML for their great promotions this month (high hand every 20 minutes for $500). I figured I would just drive up alone, stay for 24 hours or so, breaking up my trip to Foxwoods.

I’ve always loved FW for the Stud action. They are in the middle of the World Poker Finals right now. While I am not interested in tourneys, I’ll probably still succumb to the $300 Stud event on October 9th. This is a weakness, yes yes yes, but at least $300 is a small cost that I can absorb. And I will be able to play a variety of cash games while I am there.

So I think I’ll hit the road again in a couple of days. I am picking someone up at ML for a trip together to FW. This will be our first time working as partners, wish me luck! I always hesitate taking on some people I feel might have leaks or other problems. Moving from the A-team down to the C-team is also a concern. The quality of pro players isn’t great from the get go, but moving down in stakes means also potentially picking up partners who are outright criminals.

I am also concerned about my weight. I keep losing more no matter how hard I try to maintain. If I get below the 115 mark I fear I won’t be able to play poker anymore. Right now I’m sitting at 120 lbs. (5’8″). Fortunately my health has been excellent. I hardly have pain in my pancreas anymore. I have lots of energy despite the doctor’s concern for my iron. I give myself B12 shots every week now, too.

This winter I am going to go on two cruises out of Florida. This makes me wonder if I should try to find a place to rent in Florida for the season. The poker games are really good, and it would probably help my health to be out of the cold winter. Hmmm.



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