It Was the Best of Times

It was the best of times, it was the best of times.

I have rarely had such a run at poker. When it happens I know that variance has swung around in my favor and I should savor it for all it is worth. So I did :)

Wednesday found me at Maryland Live. I wasn’t interested in the tournaments, but focused on side games, which were super juicy.

I didn’t arrive to ML until Wednesday evening. The details are pretty blurry because I was tired from the long drive. I am going to start taking detailed notes again (something I always did in the past and have been completely negligent of doing this time around…shame on me).

I believe I played some 4/8 LHE while waiting for 2/2 PLO. While there were no exciting stories from either game–pretty sure I booked a win, albeit not much. Had I doubled through, I would definitely remember (don’t we always? Ha).

During my stay in Hanover, I played 4/8 LHE, 4/8 O8, 2/2 PLO and 2/2 Big O8. And yes, I won at all of them!

I decided to take a shot at Big PLO8, even though I’d never played it live before. The blinds were only 2/2 and the capped buy-in was $500. I immediately topped up, moving from another game where I only needed $200. That made all of the other players who were under the $500 threshold top up also, thinking I would be their fish.

Well, all I can say is that I got many premium hands, and for the most part they held. Unfortunately, due to the nature of an 8/b game, most pots are split. So no huge wins for me, just lots of split pots.

A couple of times I had a guy all-in. Once he had about $500 behind and was drawing for the bare low. Then just a few hands later he had about 1k and yet again was drawing for the low, all-in against me. It always came for him, he never busted while I was at the table. I booked a small win (about $300). I plan to play again as I feel it is a good game with a positive EV for me.

One thing I love about getting out of the low limit games is paying time rather than rake. At ML it was $7/half hour. At Borgata the deal was better at $5/hh. Of course I’d rather be playing against happy fish, not grumpy sharks. So there is that.

On Saturday I just couldn’t seem to book a win. I wasn’t losing horribly, but staying within about $150 of even. I decided to sit in the juiciest 4/8 O8 game and stay planted until I was up again. Yeah, it took about seven hours until I stopped splitting pots, but eventually it came. The beauty of LLO8 is that forcing wins can be done. So I think that I was up about $38 when the blind finally got back to me on the last round. I immediately sat out. Mission accomplished. While $38 doesn’t sound like anything, it was a moral victory, that is it. I wanted to force a win, knew that LLO8 is good for that, so I went about achieving a new goal.

Going backwards into Thursday and Friday. Well, those were just great days for me. Ah, those magical sessions where nothing seems to go wrong. Even when I was down for a small stretch of time, things would ramp back into overdrive and nothing I did went badly. So many players like to lament their losing sessions, running badly, getting sucked out on, horrible bad beats. But oddly, they never attribute winning sessions to luck, also. When someone runs incredibly good, it doesn’t mean he is a world class player who somehow awesomely defies luck at every turn and wins, wins, wins.

I’m not sure if it is because I am a woman, an OLD woman or if it’s just my personality which allows me to admit the huge role that luck plays in poker. Just because I’m winning doesn’t mean that I’m a great player. Actually the opposite is true. I’m okay, too tight, such a lock player that it makes me sick. But yeah, I’m going to run well sometimes and this was it :)

Speaking of not being a great player…I have picked up a couple of coaches, which I badly need. One of them is so busy that I don’t know if it’s going to work out or not. He won the main event during the poker boom and his time is very limited.

The other is a world class player, in my opinion, but has some serious leaks. If we do move forward in a poker partnership, I am going to have to be extremely careful that I do not get caught up in his lifestyle. He has also won some big events and has a bracelet, but I get worried about other issues with regards to him.

Well, I want to wrap up this post. While I’d love go on and on talking about my great run, I do want to note my wins and losses over the past month. Things have worked out a lot better than I expected. I am finally overcoming expenses as well, by cutting back on eating out, etc.

Until next time, God bless all of you!


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