Mardi Gras (Trip Two)

Glenn decided he wanted to go to West Virginia with me this time. I was supposed to leave on Thursday early, but he asked me to wait for him to finish work so that he could come along. This meant that I would be unable to play in the satellite on Thursday evening (for their $565 monthly tourney on Saturday), but it also meant that we would two chances on Friday, so it would come out even.

The drive was mostly in the dark, but I did manage to take pics on our way.


I like WV poker more and more. No snowflakes, no hassle. I fit right in with my new western look:


On Friday, Glenn and I managed to lose almost every session. No matter what I played, I lost. Not a lot, but enough to make me sick at being so outplayed by low limit players. Not that I feel like I am slumming or better than them. I am ill at myself at not being able to compete anymore.

We played in the satellite for the $565 monthly tourney at 7pm. This is definitely more my style. While the tourney became turbo, I still felt more comfortable and in my element in that arena.

I quickly chipped up, adding 1000 chips to my 4k starting stack. Then my TT got run down by QTo. So I lost about 800 chips (luckily knew I was outdrawn by at least one opponent, so I folded the flop all-in–QT had a straight draw, QJ had top pair of jacks).

After the break the satellite was so fast that I knew any hand I played would be all-in. So I finally got TT again and went for it. AJ made quads and IGHN, not even close to winning a seat.

Next…Saturday and Sunday redeem themselves!


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