Mardi Gras Rocks the Weekend!

I will finish The Borgata trip report as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we are leaving again on Wednesday, so it might take longer than expected.

On Saturday I wanted to get to the poker room in time to play some Stud. I had heard that MG spreads Stud every Saturday. Yeah, it’s only 1-5, but at this point I’ll take it! It’s tough to find a Stud game these days.

The game was full, so I was given a seat in 1/2 NLHE. There was a hot maniac sitting directly to my left. I didn’t mind playing super tight knowing he was going to raise every hand. Glenn was two seats to his left and managed to double through him twice. One was a limp re-raise, which is a move I love. When used successfully it ties a weak player to a hand, which totally turns me on.

Glenn had KK and knew that the maniac would make a big raise. Several limpers, maniac raised a ton. Glenn went over the top all-in for $250. Maniac called with T9o and Glenn doubled up. Glenn would go on to double through this guy again later.

Then it was my turn. I had KJo, maniac raised after me. I called and flopped a king. A queen also flopped. Maniac and I went back and forth until we finally got all-in. He had something like Q3o and I doubled through him shortly before being called to Stud.

The Stud game was just as soft, but in a totally different way. The players were playing for the high hand bonus, so the bets were mostly $1 no matter what. While I understand the necessity of playing for such a nice bonus, mostly I tend to play to win, not to hopefully hit a huge hand and get paid off a couple of hours down the line. So when I’m in a hand, it is the max bet, max raise, every street.

So I made lots of money, because when I had a pat hand, I charged the max. When they had one and I was drawing, they charged me the minimum. In no time at all I was up $100. Yes, in 1-5 Stud ;)


Have I ever mentioned that I love Stud? No? Well, let me tell you…


I could see the game was going to break soon, so when I was called to 3/6 LHE, I decided to take the seat.

I won rather well there, too. The entirety of the day turned out better than I ever expected. Glenn also won just about everything he played. The games on the weekend are so much softer.


On Sunday we decided to just play for a little while. We had to pick up our dog from the boarders at 4pm.

There were no games going that morning, but we quickly started a 1/2 NLHE. Suddenly everything started working out for me. I got a lot of premium starting hands, hit a ton of flops and most of my hands held up.

I was in the eight seat. A handsome guy sat down in the two seat with the max buy-in (I typically buy in for the max). He managed to outdraw me two hands very quickly. One pot was small, the other was a medium sized pot that I hated losing.

So on the third time around I had AJo and didn’t bother to raise the 432 limpers before me. The two seat completed the SB. The flop came down 5TJr and someone made a small bet. I raised. He called. The turn was a blank. Once again he let me bet for him. I made a $100 bet and he smooth called. The river was another jack, but it also made a flush possible. Suddenly he shoved all-in. Well, the pot was so bloated and I didn’t really buy that he’d made the flush. Even if he was the best player in the world, the odds that he’d outdrawn me 3:3 times were low enough to make me call anyway.

He’d flopped two pair in the SB with T5o. I guess he thought he could represent the river. But waiting to go all-in AFTER he was beat was a mistake.


I continued to dominate the table. Most of it was due to getting such premium hands and having them hold up, not my wonderful world class play ;)

Then a man sat down in the six seat who spoiled the table for some of us. He griped all the time. Nothing was right with this guy. He bragged and talked all the time about how he was the table captain. How HE ran the game, not the dealer or the floor. How he could say whatever he wanted because of free speech, yet none of us were allowed to talk (yes, he literally claimed that none of were allowed to speak at HIS table).

Eventually I’d had enough of him. And I probably opened my own big mouth once too often, as well. I do not suffer tyrants and bullies very well. Glenn could hear the floor and other dealers discussing some of the problems going on at our table and felt that I might be one of the targets of their whispering. So we decided to cash out and get some shopping/lunch before picking up our dog.

Naturally, I asked at the podium if I was causing an issue. They denied it and claimed I was wanted in the poker room, anytime. One of the dealers said she is loud like me and likes people who stick up for themselves.

I’m still not sure what some of the issues were about, other than the guy two seats to my right was a grumpy man who wouldn’t be happy if he won a billion dollars tomorrow. I do know, however, he is not going to boss me around–even if the rest of the table was obeying his every command.

Felicia don’t play that.

So I made up for all of the small losses I’ve incurred during the past month, and more. Thank God. I was wondering if I would be able to compete again.

The drive home was beautiful. WV and VA have such awesome mountains. The capital in Charleston is so pretty, too. I wish the pic had turned out better. The gold really stands out in person.


Now I just have to learn to manage expenses better. I asked Michael to check on hotels for our next trip this Wednesday. I also told him I’m planning on making a run to Aldi’s to stock up for the food we both need while on the road (muesli, yum).

Hopefully this will cut down some of the costs we keep racking up, which prevent an overall profit from poker.

Shalom and God bless all of you!


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