A Beautiful Drive

I decided to map out our drive to Atlantic City in advance. Per usual, 95 was a train-wreck of construction, traffic and huge delays. So I asked Michael if he thought taking a slightly western route would be better. Even if the total drive was the same, there wouldn’t be any real traffic. In the end we decided to take 29/15/340 to Baltimore. I think it took longer than we anticipated, but at least there was no bumper-to-bumper delay.

Some of the scenery was so beautiful that I wish I’d remembered to have Michael take pictures. I did remember once, but I can’t seem to find the pic on my phone, so maybe it didn’t get saved correctly. Sorry about that.

I am not a fan of Harrah’s-anything, but the rates were much cheaper than almost anywhere else, so there ya go. I was even able to get a two room suite for less than $100/night!

Later we found out that Harrah’s gives out free rooms for four hours of play, Sunday-Thursday. On top of that, if one plays five hours per day they get a comp. Suddenly, Harrah’s didn’t seem too bad after all.

Of course the real games were all at The Borgata, but I’ll have to save those experiences for another post.

Suffice to say, towards the end of our stay, some of my old poker friends started showing up. Sadly, most of them didn’t recognize me from Adam until I told them who I was, but nine years and pancreatitis will do that.

Shout out to: Jean, David Levi, Eli, Allan, Jeff, Bruce, Jamie. Love you guys.


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