Cross Lanes, West Virginia

I spent last week in Cross Lanes, WV. There is a casino there named Mardi Gras. The rake is $5+1 and the comps are $1/hr.

The hotel is connected to the casino via a bridge over the road. It is new and extremely nice, not what I was expecting at all. Even though I was told that a poker rate was available, when I got there, it was about the same as anyone with a players card. In the end, however, I decided to stay there and didn’t regret it. Color me pleasantly surprised. If there was only one thing I could change it would be that they move the poker room from the basement into a better location.

While I was in WV, I discovered a store called Rural King. It is sort of like the old Walmart, before they succumbed to Obama’s agenda. I was able to buy many things that I needed for the road, including my first ever western boots:


One of the things I loved about the hotel was the hot made-to-order breakfast in the morning. I tried to pamper my pancreas the first morning, eating homemade muesli. I should have just stuck to that. Instead I kept broadening my breakfast, which cost me some pancreatic pain. They served omelettes, eggs cooked to order, bacon, sausage, ham, potatoes, all different types of breads and pastries. All served with a smile and a great attitude.

In my room was a Keurig coffee maker and lots of different types of good coffees along with liquid creamer (not just powdered packets).

There were a few different choices for dining. One was an upscale French restaurant, which I didn’t try. They also had a little offshoot cafe, which was really great at low prices. In the poker area was another small cafe at even lower prices! I think the daily special was only $3 and that included two sides of choice!

The alcohol was very reasonably priced as well. About half the price of Maryland Live. Massages were only $1/min, again half the price of ML.

Play in the tournaments was mostly loose and passive. I found myself driving the action quite a bit. Sometimes I would be at a table where I wasn’t the most aggressive player, but many times I was. Lots of limping, lots of check-calling. It was heaven for me. In the past months I have gotten accustomed to loose passive play. These people are easily exploitable. They are weak links in poker.

I found a few really good players. Especially, there were a couple of guys whose play I greatly admired. They both had some leaks, but at the levels they were playing they were tremendous forces. Kudos, guys.

The thing I probably loved most about Mardi Gras was the lack of snowflakes whining and crying about every little comment made by anyone. I admire tough personalities much more than girly progressives. I hate being the MOST masculine player in the poker room (see previous posts from months in the free league).

I never did play in any cash games. The PLO game didn’t get started until Friday, by which time I’d decided to head home, wanting to spend the weekend back in NC before heading out again on Monday. I was told that they spread Stud on Saturdays, but again, I was already gone.

I did put my name on 1/2 NLHE, but never got called for my seat before giving up late at night. Getting old sucks ;)

The cash games looked reasonably deep. I have read on 2+2 that they are good. Next time I’ll have to check that out.

The drive from NC to WV was awesome. I would post some pics, but Michael was unable to go with me, so I had drive. The rural scenery, the mountains, the tunnels and the capital in Charleston were breathtaking.

I definitely plan on returning. At this point, I like Mardi Gras much better than Cherokee.


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