Mardi Gras Poker Room

This week my poker partner was unable to join me, so I went to West Virginia alone to play in the Mardi Gras Poker Room.

The first night was a $100 freeze-out, which I managed to chop five ways (although the overwhelming chip lead got the massive lion’s share).

On Wednesday night, there was a $70 triple stacked turbo. Although we started out with 50k in chips, which seems massive, the blinds were only 10 minutes and greatly accelerated. I was out early. First I got crippled when a limper called my all-in (I had 22, he limped A9o and hit a nine). Then later I shoved my remaining stack in the SB when it was passed to me. I had A6o, the BB had AJo.

Thursday night we had a short (4k) stack $50 tourney. At least this time the blinds started very low and gradually increased. I knew I had to double several times with such low starting chips. I decided to play not nearly as tight as normal while also being hyper aggressive.

I managed to build my stack to 6000 when in the BB I was dealt J8s. There was a small raise, which I called along with 391 other players. The flop was jack high and I felt no one was strong. So I bet out, making a side pot, since one other player was all-in for a small amount.

The turn was a blank so I fired again, trying to win the ever increasing side pot. Only one player stayed with me. The river put a pair on the board as well as a flush possibility. He made a small bet and I had to do a crying call, the pot was so bloated. He showed 84 for the flush!!! In a way it was frustrating, but in another way I knew I could get all of his chips in the future if I could just stick around long enough.

After getting so busted down on that hand, I went into overdrive after the break. Not only did I regain my starting 4k stack, but I zoomed up to 17k before hitting a wall!

I knew I’d get all of the chips back from the 84 fish.


And then I got moved to another table. The TOUGH table. Nothing else really happened for a long time. I need to learn how to play better towards the middle/late parts of tourneys (before the bubble, but after the second hour). Maybe I can pick up a coach for this.

Eventually we got down to the final table. Unfortunately, I was pretty short stacked by then and the blinds had caught up. I had about 10x the BB when I was dealt 55. A LP player had KK and IGHN, four outside of the money.

This morning I checked out of my hotel room. I had a $20 voucher for slot play that I’d won earlier in the week. I put the voucher into a poker machine and managed to run it up to $30. I also won a massage and some other prizes at the casino. So overall I was up due to that and the chop on the first night. But after expenses I was still down. I obviously need to work on overcoming expenses.

I had forgotten how much I love West Virginia. Gone were the little, progressive snowflakes who start crying if you tell them they have a crumb on their shirt in the poker room. These guys were TOUGH and wonderful. Not one pansy in the room.

After almost 50 years of denial, I think I’ve finally come to grips with the fact that I’m a country girl. Man up!



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