Changing Limits

I get questions about moving up in limits. After all, I made about 2,500,000% on my penny stake in 2013 ;)

I’ve always been of the mind that the limit to play is the table where the good game is being played. It could be .01/.02 or 50/100. I never played higher than 50/100, except when I was playing someone else’s stack and he made me do it. I should have never played 50/100, TBH, because I wasn’t that good. But back in those days of the early poker boom the games were super soft and 50/100 played more like some 5/10 games.

So right now I’m playing stuff online like .01/.02, .02/.04 and .10/.20 Stud games. Live I haven’t ventured into anything higher than 4/8 limit, 1/2 NL and 2/2 PLO. And do I feel like I’m above that? No, but then I didn’t even when I played at my highest levels.

There is an old story about Greg Raymer playing in a 4/8 game with his wife a few years ago and no one would believe it was him. There are world class players who will play any limits. The dorks who always espouse that lower limits aren’t real poker crack me up. And no, they aren’t usually good. Certainly not as good as they would have YOU believe.

So the other day I was on a site where someone was playing 50/100 and up all the time. Well, he couldn’t get a good game, so he sat down in the .01/.02 blind game and played. And the reaction was typically hilarious. I’m sure he couldn’t care less.

Another thing I’ve noticed about a player I admire is his willingness to play in good games, practicing game selection, regardless of his bankroll.

A long time poker mentor and friend of mine recently compared me to a warrior. I guess I can accept that classification. I tend to run towards danger, not away from it.

In the same conversation he also claimed I was a leader. That I doubt. I am more of a revolutionary than a leader. There are so many problems with my personality that leading becomes a huge challenge for me. I don’t have the patience or understanding to accept subordinates and their unwillingness to work as hard as I do towards their goals.

In a couple of days I am going back on the road. I have somewhat tweaked my plans to accommodate a bad situation, but am working on alternate means in order to play where I need to play, when I need to play. No matter how bad a set back, I’d rather look at these things as opportunities.

I also have plans to jump into more PLO play. My general philosophy on PLO was terribly flawed and I am trying to learn the right way to play PLO cash games. I have a feeling this will be a main game of mine sometime in the near future.

Glenn and I are making the most of our little remaining time together. He is hoping I can come back home for a few days to decompress before heading up to Atlantic City later this month. I promised him that unless things are just too juicy, I plan to spend a couple of days with him next weekend.

God bless you all on our Sabbath.


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