It’s Lovely Being at Home

As much as I love the road and playing poker every day, it’s also wonderful being at home. I can drink my own coffee, eat my own food, do laundry, get some exercise, talk to friends. Getting old means my ankles swell like crazy, so now I’m watching them get back to somewhat normal.

Lately I have been studying cash game PLO. I have only played this game a handful of times. While I seemed to hold my own, I can’t report any decent wins. Many of the card rooms today spread PLO (versus LO8 or PLO8). So this is a game I want to learn to master.

I had initially thought I’d return to Dover before heading up to Atlantic City. Now I am rethinking those plans. Not only will I have neither Glenn nor Michael with me, but I would also have to cancel an appointment to meet with a Gastroenterologist about my pancreas (an appointment I’ve had for months). While my pancreas has behaved in the past month, it is better to be safe than sorry after a little bit of pain a while back.

The last few months have taught me that we live in a different world than when I had to quit poker back in 2007. Not only have the games and tournaments changed, but the players. No longer are all poker players strong willed and thick skinned. This is a great development for me in some ways. Weakness is to be exploited and I can do that easily. It has also gotten me into trouble, but I feel that overall I will directly benefit from the sissy left who are involved in the poker world.

Constantly being offended is a sign of weakness. It is like saying: “I cannot control myself or my emotions, so I expect others to do it for me.” If someone decides they are a victim and lives their entire lives being offended by speech or action of others, they will never leave the victim class, nor will they ever succeed. Pick yourself up by your bootstraps and be a man. Stop this constant whining and permanent victim-hood crap. I know that the past decade the left has decided they need nannies for virtually everything, but this only weakens us as a people. Do you really believe you will ever succeed in poker if you keep buying into this narrative that everything is offensive and that you are a victim?

Whining and crying about your poor, little baby feelings in the poker room or on my journal gets you nowhere. I am not going to do anything other than take advantage of your weakness. You are a fish to be exploited and I will relieve you of every last one of your chips along with the other sharks.

One of the best nights I had in Maryland was meeting someone from 2+2 whom I’d known 12 years without having ever met in person! I sat down next to him in an O8 game and he immediately asked if I was Felicia. I couldn’t believe my awesome luck. We ended up chatting and playing for hours and then all four of us went to dinner together at an great seafood place he recommended. Thanks so much, John. I love you.

A lot people wonder why I don’t talk about Glenn as much as my other students. Well, Glenn went back to programming and has unfortunately lost a lot of love for poker. Not only is he working full-time now, but he is into billiards and table tennis, too. Somehow poker, for which he used to have a great passion, has taken a backseat. So I tend to stick with the people around me who are either learning poker or playing regularly.

During the next few days, I’m going to continue getting rest, running errands, going to the doctor, studying PLO, getting some exercise and teaching Michael basic Stud play. I hope by the time I hit the road again I will be much better off for having taken some rest and relaxation.

שאלוהים יברך אותך


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