Penalties at Maryland Live

Penalties are stiff and severe at Maryland Live. For the most part I agree with stricter tourneys. I have always abhorred cheating and angle shooting.

In one tournament, Michael got a three-hand penalty and had to step away from the table altogether to serve his time-out.

Later that night, on the bubble I was moved to a table where I had trouble seeing the nine-seat who was in the SB to my BB in seat one. He had a lot of chips and was fiddling with them on the table. After the flop I thought he checked, so I immediately checked myself.

My penalty was also three hands, but I had decent chips, we were on the bubble, so if there is any time to be forced into sitting out, I guess this was perfect.

It was late at night, he was fiddling with his chips, but that still isn’t an excuse. We have to be very diligent about these things.


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