I Put You On Kings!

A hilarious hand happened a couple of weeks ago.

A player who feels he is great was sitting at my table. He is not even remotely good, but he does have hyper aggressiveness, which tends to work in his favor at this particular venue.

He properly steals my blinds almost every round. I know what he’s doing, he knows what he’s doing and we’ve even talked about it. I have no problem with it, although I will go over the top, sometimes in the dark after he has successfully stolen, in order to keep him slightly in line.

Anyway, so he had stolen three rounds in a row at a shorthanded table. The fourth time he pondered and then decided not to go for the steal. Someone else did go for the steal and raised. I never look at my cards until the action is on me. That is pretty elementary in serious poker.

So I looked down to see kings. I re-raised all-in. My hand held and I doubled up.

But the hilarious part of the story is that after our hands were exposed, the “great” player proclaimed to his table-mate:

“I knew she had kings! I am soooo good, that is why I didn’t go for the steal that time. Her body language gave it all away! I am so great at reading tells.”

Wow, he knew what I had even before I looked. What a prodigy!


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