Switching Up Play

I am not one of those people who can change my entire strategy on a dime. I can change individual things, even multiple, individual things. But to come up with a brand new winning strat in a millisecond, well, that isn’t my forte.

I am hyper-aware, but not hyper-strategic, if that is a term.

Typically it takes me a new tournament structure or two in order to adjust and start winning again. I also have to think about hot & cold hands in a situation where I am transferred to a new table with a different texture.

Playing hot & cold hands for all of my chips is something I’ve been working on recently. Due to all of the cheating and drug-fueled play on one site, it has become common for multiple players to go all-in every hand with hands I won’t even play for a limp, much less a raise. Heck, I won’t even play them for half a bet (the small blind). 63, 84, etc.

So after running some sims on two dimes, I came up with a range of hands that do well multi-way, for all of my chips, pre-flop. Hands that don’t go down in value much due to schooling.

If I find myself at a table with Multi-Monkey4, Multi-Monkey7, Lemur2, Lemur14, SueR, SueR_15 and a couple of honest players, I need to find hands that work well under those circumstances. Why? Because there is no stealing, no re-raising all-in to get a player off of a hand, no raising to get heads-up. At least, not during the early and middle stages, when so many of their accounts will bust out with any two, due to having others to pick up the slack.

Scary enough, I tend to do better at a table like this, then when I’m at a table where I know the players, and most of them are legit and trying to play well. Just shows you how little I know about poker!

Sometimes I am lucky enough to set up a good play against someone. This doesn’t happen often enough to suit me, but I still get to play “real” poker, for lack of a better term, here and there. When I do get into that position, even if I get outdrawn, I’m still happy about the the set up.

Lately I keep running into players who are toxic. Being a toxic type personality myself, when I find people who are simply over-the-top nasty, it is like being around emotional vampires. I am typically a “giver” when it comes to poker, so I tend to put up with a LOT! But the personality disorder people who cannot be happy for even a moment are just too much for me. They whine when they win, they whine when they lose. Everyone plays badly but them. If they donk it up and win they are geniuses (no matter how horribly they played). If someone draws out on them, the person was a moron and played terribly (even though they do the same thing constantly against others). I eventually just have to disengage and stop the acquaintanceship. Addicts are addicts are addicts. There is nothing I can do about that :(

As I wrote a while back, I have been looking for a new site to play on. I think I’ve found one, but I’m waiting to see what happens before I endorse them. I hate talking about sites, only to find out how sleazy they are, later. Then again, poker is such a scummy biz in the first place, so maybe that is a moot point. Stay tuned for more.


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One Response to Switching Up Play

  1. mrmiyagisan says:

    What site are you trying to get away from? I’d ask what site you’re thinking of moving to, but I know you said you don’t want to advertise just yet. I am, however, curious about which site you’re trying to leave, so that I can be sure to avoid them.

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