Popular Angle-Shooting Move

One of the angle shoots I have been seeing a lot lately, on a couple of sites, happens when someone is on the bubble or in the money, but waiting for the final table. The person has a bundle of chips, usually many times the average stack size, by donking it up and getting miracle after miracle. Suddenly they find themselves in the situation where they have to play seriously if they hope to make the money and/or win the tournament. And one thing most of these people can NOT do is play. That is their downfall. Unlike my double-up friend from a previous post, who simply keeps jamming and loses every event, the “thinking” donkeylemurs decide to sit out while competitors go on to play and expose themselves to busting.

While this might seem like the practical thing to do, there are a few scummy angle shooters who sit out, but then jump back into the hand at the last possible second only to re-raise all-in solely with Aces and Kings.

Most places auto-muck a hand that is not “sitting in” when initially dealt, but I guess due to disconnection problems some sites allow a player to sit back in at the last nano second. So angle shooters who otherwise cannot play, jump into the pot hoping someone is going for a steal or has a legitimate second best hand. It’s a sad, pathetic way to win, but someone almost always falls for this scummy move.

I have been burnt by it a few times, with something like AK or a pocket pair. After the first couple of times, though, I started paying very close attention to someone who might have been sitting out for fifteen or more minutes, but suddenly during the play of ONE hand around bubble time, is not “sitting out” anymore. Although the whole thing can happen in a second or two, the cheaters like to make sure the action isn’t so fast that their hand is auto-mucked, so there might be a narrow window to watch the player who was previously being auto-folded, I slow down the action when it comes to me, and before I raise see if the scumbag is suddenly “sitting in.” Now I have turned their angle against them.

Luckily, this isn’t my problem anymore. A few sites have been shut down as a result of their own disastrous policies, I’ve left a couple, plus some new, more ethical sites have started up with plenty of freerolls to help me build up my stake. Long live capitalism.


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