Setting Up a Play

One thing I do a lot of in poker is try to set up a play to get another player’s chips. I don’t go for a simple steal, a small amount of his chips or even multi-way pots with limps and antes very often. Most of the time I am after his entire stack. That is the way to win tournaments with a turbo style structure if one is a tight player.

So I will do just about anything, risking my own tournament life, at least once in order to make sure I’m at the final table. It’s not really fancy play syndrome, I have the hand or draw to back it up. I am trying to induce a call or a raise all-in, I’m not playing chicken, trying to get him to fold the best hand intending to show my rags and laugh at his lack of confidence (why players do this is beyond me, it’s not like they plan to do it once to get a lot of action later; this is a turbo, he will get tons of calls just about any hand, any time, he doesn’t need to act like the dumb monkey he is, thinking he is making making some kind of great play to get the best hand to fold. And then showing it??? As if he could compound the error even more? Oy vey!).

It backfires sometimes, natch, but even then I’m okay with it. I think of it more like who actually played well, and who actually made mistake after mistake on EVERY street? I try to analyze hands in terms of duplicate bridge (skill-poker?) instead of results oriented thinking.
pokenum  -h 4d 4h  - jc 8s  -- 8c 2s 6h 3h 
Holdem Hi: 44 enumerated boards containing 2s 8c 6h 3h
cards  win   %win  lose  %lose  tie  %tie     EV
4d 4h    6  13.64    38  86.36    0  0.00  0.136
8s Jc   38  86.36     6  13.64    0  0.00  0.864

I was in a satellite for a bigger buy-in event. Only one seat was being awarded, and I got heads-up. On my last hand, I managed to finally set my opponent up perfectly. I had the nut straight and rope-a-doped him into going all-in. Well, he got runner-runner flush, so that ended the tournament, but my mission was accomplished!

After such a great day yesterday, I guess my super cooler is finally over. I was able to win several tourneys across various sites. I don’t think I’m playing any better, necessarily (still coasting, which is stupid) but my hands are holding up a little more often, which just goes to show how much of a luck factor poker has!

Boy, has this week been bad for the online poker industry or what!?! Several sites have gone under, either for all intents and purposes, or just completely DISAPPEARED. I think that alienating your core customer base is just not good business acumen.


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