There is No Crying in Poker

Well, finally I’m on a super cooler. Instead of winning a couple of tournaments a day and cashing in several, I’m winning none and mini-cashing or just making a final table here and there. Doesn’t seem to matter what I start with, just about everything gets outdrawn at some point or another. Yesterday not one AA held up. Not ONCE. So now I have more time to write.

One of the things I love about being outdrawn is the reinforcement that players get out of the experience. I was on a poker forum recently where a fish was crying:

I just lost my WHOLE buy-in at the cash tables! I had Q7o and the other player had AA. When the flop came: KKQ I shoved. When I rivered a full house with a board of KKQxK I just KNEW I was good, after all, I had a FH. He took everything! Why didn’t this work? After all, in the tournament, when Felicia had AA to my Q7o and the flop came KKQ, my FH was good! If Q7 works in tournaments, why won’t it work in the cash games?

Rigged!  ;)

At the other side of the spectrum, a player began berating a fish after he called all-in with J4o versus AA pre-flop and got there. I mean, come ON, don’t you want that call every time???
pokenum  -h ac as  - js 4d 
Holdem Hi: 1712304 enumerated boards
cards      win   %win     lose  %lose   tie  %tie     EV
As Ac  1495511  87.34   209839  12.25  6954  0.41  0.875
Js 4d   209839  12.25  1495511  87.34  6954  0.41  0.125

I remember trying to help a fledgling player once. He played semi-maniacal, but was a thinking maniac, which can really pay off in tourneys. His record in turbos is truly incredible. So one day he was whining about always losing his money at the cash game tables. Well, he didn’t seem to realize that one can’t go to the ring, re-raise two players who have already shown strength, with T7 and hope to come out of it without being felted.

No matter how many tourneys he won, he’d immediately sit in the cash game and lose it all in one or two hands. Even if he got really lucky and doubled through here and there, he never lasted more than a round. He’d have to go play another turbo or freeroll in order to win a few dollars, just to sit back down in the cash game and lose it all again in a hand or two.

I tried to tell him to stick to what he was good at, but he never listened. Addicts will be addicts, I suppose.

As far as me, well, I’m still making money, albeit at a much slower pace. No more 2k BB’s for me! I need to switch up my play more. I get stuck in the habit of what I call “coasting.” You know, when the players are so bad, I can play predictably and not take any chances and still win? Well, when one is on a cooler, coasting is simply dreadful.

I find myself doing ten other things, playing four tables across different sites, trying to play PLO8, Razz, OFCp and NLHE all at the same time! Just a recipe for disaster.

I think I’ll work on a post about switching up my play. It’s a constant work in progress. I have never been good at playing bad cards. Some people can consistently come from behind and take someone else’s stack or get out of it relatively unscathed. While I understand the concept of stealing orphan pots to more than make up from the misses with bad hands, the actual playing from behind has always been a deficit of mine.

Rope-a-Dope is more my style. Speaking of There is No Crying in Poker, the other day I set up a play with TT vs. a tilting maniac with J5. He called me all the way to the river with no pair, no draw. I also was able to get a guy with 85 to call off his entire stack when I had AA. Natch, he rivered a wheel, but THERE IS NO CRYING IN POKER.


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2 Responses to There is No Crying in Poker

  1. Always nice to see you and hear from you Falicia.Bad runs in poker seem to accelerate based on my mindset. There is some connection to my attitude. A geed perpective of what is really at stake in all the trials and tribulation we all experience and a smile everyime you get a bad beat (rotten vegetable) works wonders.

    Luv U


  2. Felicia Lee says:

    Thanks, Charlie. Love you, too!

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