Hungry, Hungry Phippos

I was wondering what a good nickname was for crazy people addicted to Open Face Chinese, Pineapple style (OFCp). I thought maybe we were Pineapple Hedons, so Ben came up with PHippos! I like, I like.

As I scale back my more traditional poker playing, I have been messing around with OFCp. I really suck at it, but at least it doesn’t give me a crushing headache anymore. It’s definitely a more social game than other forms of poker. There is no betting, raising, etc. There are moves to manipulate and discard in such a way to maximize one’s chances of getting the best of it in a hand, but it definitely doesn’t have the psychological element of more popular forms of poker.

The player base is small, but friendly. People almost seem to enjoy playing for no money at all as much as playing for cash, at times!
Glenn said I should add more to this post explaining more about what is appealing regarding OFCp. Well, to provide an example, let’s say in NLHE a fish has 74 and raises/bets/bluffs all the way to the river to catch some miracle runner straight, etc. This usually makes opponents with real hands go crazy.

In OFCp, if a person sets his hand in such a way that only a miracle can save him (eg; trips on top right off the start, going for a halfway dead flush in the middle and some kind of last minute runner-runner FH or quads on bottom) and actually gets there on his last draw, opponents would probably ROFL and actually congratulate him! Yeah, it would be a running, miracle bad beat in the traditional sense, but it doesn’t seem to “tilt” players like more common forms of poker.

Pineapple is such a gambling, big handed game, that most likely someone playing this way against a good made/pat hand might actually be cheered on, rather than demeaned at his play. Sometimes going for broke in OFCp is a good strategy, especially when there is no other way to win the hand (obviously in the example above, the guy chose to do it at the beginning of the hand, not when he saw how the hand was developing, but you see my point).

I’m a Phippo, he’s a Phippo, she’s a Phippo, we’re all Phippos, wouldn’t you like to be a Phippo, too?


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