Critical Mass Again

 “A noble heart cannot suspect in others the pettiness and malice that it has never felt.”  – Jean Racine

Well, I thought my poker marathon would be all but over when Glenn got home, however I was doing so well that I continued to play quite a bit. Now I’m getting to that critical mass stage again, like in January.

I’m sad I have had to stop endorsing a site that I’ve done well on for so long. The problem with a lot of casinos is that when illegal things occur, which they don’t believe directly affect them, they take the line of: “Well, as long as the poker players are just cheating each other and not the casino itself, we don’t interfere.” I have seen that stance time and again at casinos all over the world. For the most part, they come out of it unscathed. I remember huge scandals at casinos which would have destroyed legitimate businesses, but they bounce right back, due to the concept of “I gots to get mine!” Poker players go where the easy money is, for the most part, regardless of the atrocities being perpetuated at the particular facility.

I must say, they did bust some cheaters, albeit at a micro-stakes and I received a refund of a couple of dollars. I WOULD NEVER USE MY OWN MONEY PLAYING POKER ONLINE.

I have made a lot of money and I am not complaining. Should I have made more? Yes and no. Yes- because part of what I did NOT earn was due to cheating, but no- because if the site was legitimate, real, experienced players might be there, instead of people who do not know anything about poker or how to play. Unfortunately, I’m not the type of person who can patron a business that literally thrives and succeeds due to their support of theft and other felonies. I have never been a criminal, and I simply don’t have the “gots to get mine” mentality. I do not want to profit while other people are the victims of thievery.

I went out with a bang today, instead of a whimper, I suppose. Even playing against monkey1, monkey2, monkey3 (I’m not being facetious, the multi-accounting is so bad at the party site that users simply name themselves in sequential order, sometimes up into the 20’s and sign up as many of their accounts into one tournament as they can reasonably handle at a time. For the ones too drug addled to mass play this, they play one account until it busts, then move on to the next, leaving the rest “sitting out” until they are needed) I still won one tourney and placed 8th today. How sad is it that people go to so much trouble to cheat, yet STILL can’t win to save their lives?

Maybe we’ll go on another cruise or to the UK with the money. Who knows. I might sit and play a freeroll at the site, but for now I’m through enabling such behavior.

To wrap it up on a humorous note, one hand I played was a bizarre example of something that happens at times. I don’t know if these guys see poker on TV and try to play “chicken” getting it in with the worst of it, or the drugs are just so much a part of their lives that they think they are playing well. I got out of a hand after two players went to war pre-flop, thinking surely I was beat. The two hands in question? T5o and 73o.


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