You’ve Got My Number!

Remember that quote by TJ Cloutier? Something like:

You have no chance of winning this tournament…but just ruined mine.

I have a funny love/hate relationship with a player I’ve known for the past year. This happens to me quite a bit. I remember a player I knew from Laughlin who knew how to play me like a fiddle, so to speak. For almost five years this guy could take me on with just about any hand and win. Sure, sometimes I would clean him out, but for whatever reason, whenever I was in the pot, no matter what I bet, he was coming along for the ride. Blood in the water perhaps?

So for the past year there has been an online player who practices that same strategy with me. I admit, I might have caught his attention early on, knowing how loose he was and going for the easy double up in tournaments. I absolutely LOVE having him at my table, especially early on in a turbo, knowing he is good for a double or two. It fills me with joy knowing I can get a call with my great hands! I will let him steal the blinds, steal from other players, double through others, then keep doubling through him! I adore this guy. Yeah, he has his share of outdrawing me, or sometimes I even run against him when he has me dominated (crazy players get good hands too, lol), but for the most part he just propels me to final table after final table.

Eventually he got a little wary and I had to get more and more clever to tie him to a hand. I would go through my repertoire of limp re-raises, check-raises, slow-playing, acting like I was “thinking” about what to do with my hand in order to get him to bluff into me, etc. I really worked this poor guy through the ringer!

So fast forward, and naturally the worm turned…I couldn’t get a hand to stand up against him to save my life. He absolutely will NOT ever fold against me anymore. He rarely folds against anyone, anytime as it is, but against me no way, no how.

Sure, he still doubled me up here and there when he called my AA all-in with 72, but recently I went through a period where he had been outdrawing me no matter our starting hands. I could have anything at all. Flop a straight, he runnered a flush or boat. If I had a full-house he runnered quads, etc. It is the most hilarious situation and I’m sure he was loving it after all of the abuse I put him through the past year.

Unfortunately for him, he still doesn’t win. I’ve seen this guy have most of the chips in a tourney, like 50k when the average isn’t even 5k, and he STILL doesn’t get into the money, much less make the final table. Taking on all comers, for the most part, without some discretion is a losing strat, people.

I remember in the early days of online poker and 2+2 there was a guy who seemed like a weak player who constantly challenged me. I’m not sure if he didn’t believe I was a woman, didn’t believe I could play, was just a bully or what. But he would tease me on the forums and bait me to play him HUNL on Stars. Eventually I said okay. It didn’t take me long to clean him out, and he never said another condescending thing to me again. He even participated some in my forums. Now, this doesn’t mean I’m willing to take on all comers. I’m not that good! I’ve been challenged to HU matches by players who are better than me and I always say NO. Why would I put myself in that situation?

I write a lot about how I am so tight that I tend to get it in with the best hand and that helps me win. Well, naturally that doesn’t always occur. I’m not THAT tight! So for your pleasure here is my tale of two Queens:

Last night I was getting short in a tourney. The blinds were 300/600 and about to go up to 400/800. I think I had maybe 3k. So I was in the SB with J8s. It was passed to me and I raised all-in. I knew the BB would have to have a hand to call. She is looser than me, but definitely not stupid, pays attention and knows how tight I am. She instacalled with QQ (wow, the BB sometimes has a hand!). Natch, I think I runnered a straight. Oops!

Then later last night in another tournament we were down to three and I thought I had it in the bag. The chip lead went for a steal with T5 to my QQ, I re-raised but he decided he was in too deep. He flopped a five, rivered a ten and IGHN. Third place, but in a field of about 200+ so still a good payout.


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