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One of the most frustrating aspects of being a freeroller, on a site with mostly other freerollers and/or people who are new to poker and have no idea that they have the option to fold a hand, is the brutality of the beats. You know, those days when you flop a full house only to be beat by runner quads or runner-runner perfect straight flush?

What makes freerolling so profitable for me is the same thing that makes it gut wrenchingly, cringe-worthy barren.

While I am not on an incredibly dry spell right now, like I said in my last post, my heater is most definitely over! Combining that with a poker overload and having a headache (lack of sleep?) means I’m not playing anything close my A game right now. I’m making some really rookie mistakes! Folding when I should be raising, calling when I should be folding/raising/going all-in, etc. Just the old zigging when I should be zagging syndrome.

One thing I refuse to do during a tournament is blind out. Play so passively and tight that I simply fold everything in an attempt to get in the money. A site I play on has a ton of that going on. So I end up bubbling or going out early by aggressive play, starting with the best hand and getting outdrawn, while people who refuse to play anything dribble into the money with an ante or two left.

Believe it or not, it is tough getting used to people who have never played poker before (or maybe have tried it, but have no idea how to play it; and certainly don’t realize they are able to fold). One would think it would be the funnest, easiest thing ever, but it can wear on the brain. I guess that is my version of “tilt.” I don’t tend to spew off chips or start to majorly degrade my playing, but I do get a headache and quit playing for a while (sometimes for years).

I’m not one of those players who wants to play with better players! Why wouldn’t I want to win??? Of course I want to play against players who cannot play poker, not people who are better than me! So don’t get me wrong about any frustration it may seem like I’m venting. I absolutely DO NOT want them to play better!

I can always tell when the weekend is starting on one party poker site. Usually the morning players are a little sensible, but beginning on Friday morning the wackos start coming out of the woodwork. When I saw that my AQs had just gotten CALLED all-in by 94, I quickly remembered that it was Friday! Thank you!


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