Open Face Chinese Poker, Anyone?

I think my run is finally cooling off. Wow, what a rush that was! I made 1830 bb’s in three days! And from one fifty cent freeroll win a year ago (not gambling my own money).

The sharks are now circling me, smelling blood in the water. You know how someone just KNOWS his 720 will outrun your aces? Even if it takes runner-runner? And he is right? That is happening to me. You know those days when you haven’t had anything to play for 30 hands, so when you do finally shove in THREE people call (all with junk) and natch, someone outdraws you?

I love it.

I know, that sounds sick and twisted, but that is why I win. If no one played badly against me, I’d never win. It is a cruel, ironic maxim of poker. If luck had nothing to do with poker, unlike Hellmuth, I’d NEVER win! I’m simply not good enough. People have to make huge mistakes against me, repeatedly; outdraw me, bluff me like crazy to get me to lay down winning hands, re-raise me with second best hand and get me to fold, raise my blind EVERY SINGLE ROUND, get runner-runner miracles, collude, cheat, and multi-account in order for me to flourish. And to them, I say THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I love you.

People always assume I’m being sarcastic when I say I’m not great at poker. I’m not. But I’m glad they think so, I guess.

It’s like someone with a third grade reading level being a “great” reader in a group full of primates. Yep, the human seems very, very literate! It’s nothing to brag about, he wins by default.

So that is why I don’t brag about my poker prowess. I simply win by lack of competition. I know where to play, what games to play, how to play them. I had my time of trying to play against people who actually know how to play poker. And I lost. Now I get to play against people who don’t know how to play. In every sense of the word. I mean that most of them literally do not know how to play (the mechanics even; some of them think that if they are dealt a hand, they MUST pay, for any amount of chips, because they were dealt in, a la Blackjack). I have seen people completely baffled that they actually had a choice to fold. They get blasted in chat (or at the table in live games) and they truly had no clue that they could fold.

That is why I never say anything discouraging to non-players. I WANT them to outdraw my aces with 72o. When I have aces, I am BEGGING them for that bad call. I am not sitting there at the PC saying: “Don’t call, don’t call, I have aces!” I am internally begging for the call.

Of course, when one is running bad, it seems like no hand ever wins. But I don’t mind. If I get burnt out on poker I quit for a while (weeks, months, sometimes years). I tend to do that even when I’m winning. I just hit some brick wall and can’t play anymore. I went about five years not playing one hand of poker. I have those kinds of periods in my life. Poker is such a scummy world as it is. Combined with a lethal illness, well, it’s just not a good combination.

A friend of mine told me about a new poker site just getting started. I don’t usually go around joining new sites just to say I joined. But he is such a kind man and had a tourney he wanted me to sweat. Turns out, this cardroom spreads a variation of Chinese called Open Faced Chinese Poker. Something I’d never played. I wasn’t that crazy about Chinese to begin with, although I have played it up to $40/point live in mixed rotation. I’ve played both straight and 2-7 in the middle. I’m not good at either one!

So I read a little about OFC and realized that although it wasn’t for me, in theory it did help curb the problem of perfect bots playing Chinese online. I remember about ten years ago when the bots just ran over the games.

I did play some freerolls and variations at Pocket Rockets, like Pineapple, where everyone seems to go for Fantasy Land.

After studying and playing I got a huge headache. It reminded me of playing Stud 8 for ten hours, memorizing all of the cards. But without the advantages I have in Stud games (profit) nor the fun (everyone knows Stud games are my only poker passion).

I’m still playing in the freerolls there and having a little fun. They do have other games, but OFC is definitely their focus. It’s a very small site for now. I’m just happy that there is somewhere to play :)

Until my next big rest, that is. Boy, am I burnt out on poker after this huge rush. You’d think I’d want to nothing more than to play, play, play, but in fact, I’m only continuing for a few more days because Glenn is out of state. Then I’ll probably take my much needed rest. Right now I feel like I’m running a poker marathon. Jane, stop this crazy thing!


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