My Rungood

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. I’ve been playing some online poker again. I have always tended to run in spurts. In this particular spurt I got on a little heater, so that kind of kept me playing.

I have a friend who inspires me to play better. So that helps, too.

I have been running insanely well lately. I can’t complain about my results.

The problem I’m running into, however, is when I get pretty deep into an event. For instance, I cashed in every tourney save ONE the other day. How is that possible? So once we are hitting the final table, or maybe final two tables, that is when my rungood reverses itself and I get these wacko beats. They are so comical that I included some examples for your LOL pleasure.

Now you might ask yourself, what kind of insane person would make these horrific calls against a rock like me, voluntarily, for all of his chips? Well, that is why I included the linked video for your pleasure!

I Was High!
pokenum  -h kh kc  - 5d 5s  -- tc qh 2d 4s 
Holdem Hi: 44 enumerated boards containing 4s Tc 2d Qh
cards  win   %win  lose  %lose  tie  %tie     EV
Kc Kh   42  95.45     2   4.55    0  0.00  0.955
5s 5d    2   4.55    42  95.45    0  0.00  0.045
pokenum  -h qs ah  - 4s 2s  -- qc 7d th 
Holdem Hi: 990 enumerated boards containing Qc 7d Th
cards  win   %win  lose  %lose  tie  %tie     EV
Qs Ah  975  98.48    15   1.52    0  0.00  0.985
4s 2s   15   1.52   975  98.48    0  0.00  0.015
pokenum  -h ah 7h  - 9d 9c  -- 4h qd 2s 
Holdem Hi: 990 enumerated boards containing 2s Qd 4h
cards  win   %win  lose  %lose  tie  %tie     EV
Ah 7h  184  18.59   806  81.41    0  0.00  0.186
9c 9d  806  81.41   184  18.59    0  0.00  0.814
pokenum  -h ah ad  - ts 5s 
holdem Hi: 1712304 enumerated boards
cards      win   %win     lose  %lose   tie  %tie     EV
Ad Ah  1406443  82.14   299660  17.50  6201  0.36  0.823
Ts 5s   299660  17.50  1406443  82.14  6201  0.36  0.177

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