Poker Is Not a Group Sport

I don’t have the “eye of the tiger” when playing poker. That is why I could never be great at it. I lack something. So when there is situation where a table is empty at the beginning of a tourney with just two of us sitting there, I am content to steal every other blind back and forth until players sit in. It’s not exactly the way to play poker, but then again, playing HU with eight dead hands in a FR tourney isn’t real poker either.

(I actually should welcome the chance to double through, as this is the only way I’m going to end up in the money. Simply stealing blinds every other hand isn’t going to do it! Thus why I stated I lack the eye of the tiger, so to speak.)

So when it so happens I stumble upon a player who decides to take on every pot, every hand when we are the only two players at a table, I usually am somewhat chagrined. I certainly do NOT mind the challenge, but I typically end up getting called names. I have a lot of experience, and when I’m forced into a situation like this I’m either going to be outdrawn or I’m going to win. I’m typically not going to get outplayed.

This is not to brag. It’s truly just the type of games I play and the players I’m up against.

The other day this happened to me. I was transferred to a table with only one live player. He had built his stack up to 5k from a 1k starting amount. While he was simply calling every hand, as the sitting out players were auto-folded and playing as fast as possible, I’m sure that he also had taken on others, due to the tourney being relatively new and watching the way he played against me.

He definitely had the aggressiveness down, but like a lot of inexperienced players, he didn’t have a slowdown or shutdown switch. And that was his downfall.

I transferred to his table with a stack of 900. He was two seats to my left, so he had position on me, and he never gave up a hand. Never.

I did my typical feeling him out. No, he was not going to “share” a pot. After all, when it’s HU with a full table of dead blinds/antes, every hand is AA, right?

So I won’t bore you with individual hands, but I did my thing, which is a tight way to play, under the circumstances, but it gets the big pots and gives up the tiny blinds. LikeĀ Steve says, who cares if someone steals 12 pots in a row from you HU when you knock him out on #13?


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