Natural Player

Glenn has been playing some Omaha lately. I haven’t been playing much poker, but I was bored the other day and said I might be up for PLO. I signed up and noticed that it was PLO8 (which I like much better, FWIW, as those who know me can affirm). I figured that it was simply a one off, but when I looked a little deeper, I saw that they were all PLO8. So I mentioned to Glenn, “Hey, this is PLO8. Do they switch tourneys every other night?” He replied, “Oh, that’s not PLO? I didn’t even know!”

This coming from the guy who won the thing.

It has always been this way with Glenn and me. I am hyper aware and pay attention to everything. He pays attention to virtually nothing and is STILL a much better player than me. All-in-all, I think we make about the same amount of money playing poker, but he doesn’t have to play much at all to win, nor work hard at it. Boy, am I glad we just play for fun and not profit!


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2 Responses to Natural Player

  1. Grind a Bit says:

    Reblogged this on GRINDABIT and commented:
    This is from a friend that you will see quite a bit more on Felicia has been around the block a time or two when it comes to poker. I welcome her as a guest blogger to Grindabit!!!

  2. Ken says:

    You should play PLO8 initially as PLO ( with the exception of A2 A3 double suited ) and knowing that so many are in with low hands you will do well…

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