Good Times, Bad Times (Part Two)

Well, I hated my last post. I hope this one will be better. I had something to say, but it just didn’t come out correctly.

It has been over a year since I’ve been in the hospital. This is a record for me since the first day of Pancreatitis (June 2007). I haven’t been in a live cardroom since 2008. I have been a shut-in since 2012. My health is finally better than it has been since I first got cancer in 2005. Most of this is due to getting off all 30 prescriptions! I would also credit being a shut-in. I don’t have to worry as much about colds, MRSA and sepsis. I no longer worry as much about my heart stopping (I have been revived 13 times, to my knowledge, in the past five years, despite many DNR orders).

Getting off drugs has probably contributed more to my recovery than anything else. Of course, to get off all of the prescriptions my pancreatitis finally had to ease up. Now I have small attacks here and there, but I no longer have the running pain and attacks like before. I’m not sure why things got better, but I noticed in early 2012 that the attacks didn’t seem to be as frequent or quite as painful as they had been. So over the next six months or so I gradually stopped using prescription drugs. Eventually I gave up everything, even prescriptions that had nothing to do with pancreatitis.

An unfortunate side effect of being on absolutely nothing is that I can’t sleep much. I’d say I get between 2-4 hours of sleep per night as an average. I have always had horrible insomnia, so this isn’t anything new.

But getting back to the good times, bad times theme and poker, the GREAT news is that I am here, I am relatively healthy, I’m probably going to make it to my 45th birthday (Halloween 2013), and I am very mentally alert while playing online poker.

Being mentally alert isn’t the same thing as being good, unfortunately. But I do pretty well, versus my prognosis, and given the fact that it’s all a freeroll anyway.

To continue those “good times,” I’ll relate a cool tournament story that happened to me the other day.

I don’t play that much online poker, Glenn tends to play freerolls and frequent player tourneys under my account more often than I do! We do, however, tend to fuel each others interest, and I play here and there, like my funny story of a comeback from 100 chips, down from 1500…


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