Good Times, Bad Times (Part One)

Like in everything else there are good times to be had, but there are also bad times, too. Right now I’d say poker is in a bad time.

Before the boom, I didn’t think things could get any worse. Then along came Late Night Poker and Moneymaker. Things got really good!

For years the poker boom waxed and waxed. Just when one thought things couldn’t get any better, they did. I knew it couldn’t last forever, and when Party pulled out I figured things would go south, but oh so slowly. I wrote about it, comparing what was happening to poker the way things happened with cigarettes in the USA. That prediction turned out to be true. But that’s not a brag. It was the last thing I wanted to happen. Although I did hope that things would cool off, I never wanted a huge reversal. And to answer your unasked question: no, I’ve never smoked a cigarette in my life ;)

So I guess in a way my many years of no-poker, none of the time was not a bad thing. It wasn’t the way I planned things to end, but I definitely needed the break. It’s hard to remain bitter-party of one forever!

Poker blogging has gone through a similar trend. When I started I was one of the few. Never the best. Later I was one of the many. Never the best. Not even close. Now there aren’t many of us left. Even the best have mostly thrown in the towel. It makes it hard to do my best of/worst of for last year. It used to be so easy. There were a billion horrible sites, along with plenty of awesome ones. Yeah, I’m still here. But where are all of my friends???

(Jeez, I never thought I’d say ‘poker bloggers’ and ‘my friends’ in the same sentence, lol)


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One Response to Good Times, Bad Times (Part One)

  1. Easycure says:

    Easycure still reads ya. And most importantly, cares about how you feel.

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