People used to ask me why I felt I made money in the Orleans poker room. Well, there are a lot of reasons for that. I have gone over all of them in the past, for anyone who is really interested. But probably the one pivotal contribution to my bankroll there was the phenomenon I dubbed “Orleans Odds.”

Orleans Odds is something that happened to me at The Orleans more than at any other poker room in the world. It is something that happens when people who have no math skills, little poker skills and overall low intelligence decide that they have a high quality of all three. Being that I am deficient in 2:3 of the above (low math skills, low poker skills) I have little reason for showing off in any category! Therefore instead of flaunting my ill-conceived notions of grandeur, I tend to simply follow my instincts about some things (like when a rock raises me, no one seems very interested in his hand, I have contributed little or nothing to the pot and my hand isn’t that hot, I tend to fold).

At the lovely Orleans, however, that simply doesn’t happen.

I have told stories like this before, but I will repeat one of my oldies/goodies. I remember a hand I played at a cash table, 1/2 blind NLHE. I think there were a couple of limpers, I raised to $10 and one of locals said, “Well, I wasn’t going to call, but since you are giving me 36:1 odds on that raise, I definitely have to stay with you in this hand.”

Those are “Orleans Odds.”

Sorry, I don’t have a bad beat story for you there. Yes, my hand held up. Yes, I won a lot of money off of him, since he chased it all the way, updating his odds as the hand progressed.

Sometimes people think they know more than is even remotely possible for them. Instead of following their instincts and making do with what God has given them, they decide to veer off in the wrong direction and let “math” guide their play. This is when I tend to do well.


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