She’s a Maniac

I didn’t realize just how much looser a poker player I’ve become. Well, I should say “loose” compared to before! By most standards I’m sure I’m still quite the rock. I rarely play anymore, and oddly enough I’d forgotten how to play. I couldn’t remember even the basics after months of not playing a hand. I never thought that would happen to me after so many decades of poker. What cancer, chemo and even pancreatitis couldn’t erase, just a couple months of Farmville managed to do. Of course, it only took a few minutes to remember how to play. Poker, as they say, a minute to learn; a lifetime to master.

Anyway, my moment of realizing how loose I now play came home to me yesterday when I watched Glenn fold four hands I would have taken a stab at, myself. Position and situation having everything to do with it, here were the hands:

  • QTs in LP first opener
  • Ax (when desperate) to a PFR all-in
  • 43o in BB when over 1/3rd of stack already in, very late in turbo
  • T9s with only one blind left

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