Open Internet Challenge – Felicia Style

Remember I listed my New Year’s Resolutions before the end of 2012? One of them was this:

  • Play Cash Games Again (Felicia, this is where your bread is buttered…LDO)

So I decided to take my little stake and see what I could do with it, a la the Open Internet Challenge, WhiskeyTown’s Challenge or Poker, A Love Story-Carl’s Challenge. Well, whatever you want to call it.

I have been grinding-grinding the past couple of days. I did manage one free SNG and one Frequent Player Freeroll, but for the most part it was back to the cash game grind. I haven’t done that in years.

You might recall that I said I started with freerolling. So I used a penny to calculate my bankroll increase. Since I had a 2,500,000% win, I took that money and used it as my starting OIC bankroll and went to the super micro-limits (uML).

For recording and accounting purposes, I have played the past two days, maybe four hours of grinding altogether, not counting the FP Freeroll and SNG (just cash games). I am up so far 250 BB’s. I also have some FPP’s, but I only mention it since it buys access into freerolls, etc. I know it sounds like a lot, but at the uML tables, 250 BB’s is a trivial cash amount. I’m certainly not complaining, however. I haven’t really hit a heater yet, but I did get lucky on a couple of coinflips and when I was dominated once.

I also found one site that is so good it reminds me of the old days of Party/Pacific/Stars. Not in the sense of traffic (I wish) or aesthetics, but just the softness of the games. Another site is easy, but I absolutely hate the software and have to force myself to play there. I also think there is more cheating going on there than the norm, unchecked. I haven’t fallen prey to it, myself. But when I see a total of about 3000-5000 players at a site, and there are the same “team” of players sitting at multiple tables/SNG’s, sitting out, waiting for it to fill, I usually avoid them.

Okay, so grand totals so far:

  • 48 hour grind (about four total hours actually played)
  • uML Stakes (.01/.02 NLHE; .01/.02 PLO8; .02/.04 O8; $15 FP Freeroll)
  • Starting Bankroll: ~6000 BB’s
  • Current Bankroll: ~6250 BB’s

ChickyParm Grinding Gurl Going GOOT ;)


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