I seem to have this problem off and on. I try to be very clear whilst communicating, but it just doesn’t seem to work out that way. The last few days, however, have been so over the top, even for me!

Communications with my husband will go something like this:

Felicia-“Guess what, honey, I finally won a tournament again!”
Glenn- “Wow, that’s great! How much did you win?”
Felicia- “xx”
Glenn- “So have you played any tournaments lately?”
Felicia- “Er…”

Felicia: I’m having trouble with the hibernate on my computer
Glenn: Have you tried control panel?
Felicia: Yes, of course. Any advice?
Glenn: (nothing, nothing, nothing for 3+ hours)
Felicia: Finally figured out that problem on my computer
Glenn: What problem? I didn’t know you were having any trouble. What happened?

Felicia: Sure, there is something I absolutely want at the store. Even if you get nothing else, please get this
Glenn: Okay, that is a for sure thing
Felicia: So where is the xx?
Glenn: What are you talking about?

Felicia: When I play suited connectors I try to accomplish this goal…
Reader/mentor/: I thought you said never to play suited connectors?
Felicia: Er…

And on that note, another accidental funny…You know, the old misclick? I’m usually very good about those, but sometimes. Well, stuff happens.

I sat down at a table with three maniacs. One of them a thinking maniac, the other two…well not. I said aloud to Glenn: “Oh, great, I have three live ones for an easy double up!” A couple of hands later, chips spewing all over the place I notice one of the non-thinking maniacs is busted. I even remark to Glenn that he’s gone, so one less opponent for a double.

A few hands more and I noticed the lone thinking maniac has a lot of chips. I looked to see if anyone is even close. I noticed I had doubled through. I quickly scrolled back through the dealer/chat box to see what happened, because I know I had absolutely NOT played a hand thus far. The dealer chat showed that on the 2nd hand, I was in the BB with 82o. Non-thinking maniac raised all-in (I obviously thought he just called). I guess I thought I was hitting the “check” button (the same space as “call;” in my defense this was during the first hands of the tourney and I was doing something else, lol). I made a pair of eights and the maniac went home.

You should have seen the player chat: “What a donkey!” “That’s what I’d call putang!” “What was she thinking?” “What a moron!”


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