Creating a Successful Poker Room

Here is a Point-by-Point explanation of the list I created as problems that will defeat an attempt to build a successful online poker room. Some are obvious and/or self explanatory, so I won’t be addressing them.

  • Collusion/Chip Dumping (using multiple accounts at the same table or by teams)
  • Multiple accounts playing the same tournament
  • Angleshooting (using the software to take advantage of a glitch and/or in chat)

These three can be grouped together, since they are basically used by the same “team” of players.

While I usually believe that angle-shooting and cheating doesn’t necessarily ruin a good game for all players, there is a tipping point. Say you are playing a Winner-Take-All SNG and there are 20 players altogether (nine player tables). Having four or five of them as one multiple account, seeing all ten hole-cards at the same time cannot possibly be +EV for a good player. This is cheating. I can’t justify this in any way at all. Most cheaters suck, but there is a certain point where it is no longer a positive expectation for the great pro. He is being ripped off.

The second point is just LOL hilarious. Yet players fall for it all the time. There one notorious angleshooter at a site I play on. He is so transparent that anyone with an 80 IQ can see right through his antics. But most players don’t pay any attention. For example this is how he will play:

  • Short-stack or huge stack- first opener all-in with junk
  • Medium stack- raise with good/great hands, fold junk
  • Pre-flop with Group One hands- Limp
  • Pre or post-flop with virtual nuts- Blink, Blink, Blink then state in chat: “Sorry guys, I have to take my Grandma to the doctor, knock me out”

Like all scammers, beggars and thieves no matter how much he wins, he is back begging in the chatroom within about 30 minutes ;)


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